Happy New Year 2012

Year 2011 has come to an end. How was everything throughout the whole year? No matter its good or bad, lets hope in this coming year 2012 will be a better one. What was the greatest thing that you’ve done or greatest achievement this year? As for me…hmm…I think the greatest & happiest thing that I’ve gotten this year is…owning a house. A home for both hubby & I. Spending all of our savings to this house is worth. (counting on the virtual Gucci, LV, Chanel bags I’m hanging on my walls).

Well, this year’s New Year would be special…..celebrating at new house, with hb, and also together with my family.

Have you list down your new year resolution? Let me see mine…I think I want to wish for HEALTH! Wish everybody is healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



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