Dinner @ Ding Cha Cafe, Seremban 2

I realized I’ve abandoned my blog for the past 2 weeks.

I am so sorry. Minta ampun….

All thanks to my boss who is so ‘involving’ with the current supermarket project.

Boss involving = Me forced to be involving.

Back to the subject. Recently there’s a new eating place opened at Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2. I’m telling you…this area is soon gonna be jam when all shops are fully occupied. And all the ‘good’ shops are all located at the same row. Therefore being kiasu, I paid a visit on the 2nd day of its opening and my assumption was wrong too. I thought if I go on weekdays, it wouldn’t be so crowded. Mana tau…everyone also ‘new toilet’…so crowded lar…

The Interior…very nostalgic & classic. Wooden chopsticks, stools and tables.

Red lanterns and dim lighting.

The open kitchen for preparing certain food like dim sum, tong sui, and garnishing. Everything is still new. Staffs are inexperience as well or probably untrained. They couldn’t cope with the ‘messy’ situation when the place is crowded. While for the menu, they have quite alot of varieties too. (Soup, Rice, Noodles, Dim Sum, Tong Sui, Tea, Milktea)

Crowd at 7+pm.

Any shop with name of ‘CHA’, I thought their signature drinks would be tea or milktea.

(From left to right)

1) Ding Cha Oolong Milk Tea – RM5

2) Pearl Milk Tea – RM5

3) Obai Red Tea – RM4

All the above are quite bland. I believe it can be better.

Bitter Gourd Noodle (Dry) – RM5.60

Lai Fun mixed with seasonings and black sauce, topped with minced pork & roasted pork.

Pork Noodle (Soup) – RM5.60

Rice with Salted Fish, Chinese Sausage & Chicken – RM5

Rice was quite dry..if only they add a lil gravy into it. Did not spot any ‘salted fish’ here pun.

Crowd at around 8.45PM…Most of the customers has left. Because most of the food has sold out. WOW…total madness!!

Food : 5/10 (I wish to return to try more food 1 month later. Hope there’s an improvement)

Service : 4/10

Price : 5/10

Ding Cha Cafe
No.333, Jalan S2B8,
Seksyen 8, S2 Seremban,
70300 Seremban.
Tel : 016-6052648
Dated 9th June 2012, I revisited this restaurant. Food quality has improved! I ordered ‘Konlou Lai Fun’, Soup Pork Noodles..both are good. Unfortunately the original pan mee, soup taste a lil bland. While milktea has improved too. It has nicer taste of tea. No longer bland as earlier.
Remark: This restaurant has closed down. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Dinner @ Ding Cha Cafe, Seremban 2”

  1. So the new toilet must b very fragrant.. LOL… attracted so many ppl…
    There are lots of lap cheong in the bowl.. n RM5 is reasonable…
    The lai fun is the seremban style of loh si fun right?
    When the first time i eat the seremban famous loh si fun it looks like lai fun to me…
    but seremban ppl call it loh si fun…
    blog more ya …..

      1. That’s why 🙂 Eventho im from Bangsar,i used to hang out in Seremban. Quite lots of interesting restaurants there. Must try out this one also. Thnx for the blog Melissa. Dont go missing for another 2 weeks..

  2. There is a Ding Cafe in Menjalara where I stayed.. fairly new.. but maybe I ll wait a bit more for them to iron out their operation first … :0)

    I do like the concept of their kitchn where they make the food… looks like olden time…

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