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Lunch @Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant, Midvalley Megamall


Jai Jinesseyo.

~translated as “Hello. How are you?”

I like eating Korean food. Especially Kimchi! Also the irresistible Kimchi Jigae. Just like how much I can’t say no to Tom Yam soup ūüėČ

I thought its a good buy when I saw livingsocial was offering;

Dolsot Bibimbab (6 choices) + 3 Side Dishes + Free Flow Green Tea

for just RM10.

I grabbed 5 coupons and went together with my family over the weekend.

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Midvalley Megamall- the cinema floor. There’s a staircase to walk up to the restaurant which is above Taiwan Recipe.

I also noticed part of the customers here were redeeming their coupon. I suppose its a good deal that you should not miss?

There were 6 choices of bibimbap(stone pot mixed rice) for us to choose from.

– Fried Beef
– Spicy Octopus
– Kimchi Chicken
– Spicy Squid
– Curry Chicken
– Curry Beef

Refillable iced green tea to quench your thirst before food is served.

I chose Kimchi Chicken Bibimbap. Korean rice served in hot stone topped with lettuce, generous amount of kimchi chicken and a beautiful sunny yolk.

3 side dishes varies daily. We got here were kimchi, water crest vegetable and radish.

This is what it look after mixing everything in the bowl. The hot stone bowl able to keep my rice warm till my last spoon. I would prefer it to be spicier…more hot sauce perhaps. hehe…..

Mummy and Marcus had Curry Chicken Bibimbap. The curry taste wasn’t tad strong..and its not spicy either. If you can’t take spicy food….no worries about their curry chicken ūüėČ

Alex had their Curry Beef Bibimbap. The beef were thinly slice. Not tough but tasty.

Stirring the ingredients thoroughly before eating.

Michele had Spicy Octopus Bibimbap. Becos octopus is her favorite! ūüėČ

I also added an additional Grilled Pork Platter (RM39.90). I asked the waiter to do the grilling job. hehe…..

How to eat these grilled pork? Wrapped with fresh lettuce leaves, with rice, thinly sliced garlic, ssamjang (a mixture of gochujang and dwenjang).

Whole table filled with food!!

Verdict : Overall a decent and satisfied Korean food. The only downside I felt was the restaurant abit cramp and warm.

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant
T-049, Third Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2282 1112


(Random photo of the day). Today’s quote: “There’s two days in every week you can’t worry about. YESTERDAY & TOMORROW. You can’t change what happened yesterday and can’t control what will happen tomorrow. SO LIVE FOR TODAY!” By Anonymous

Dinner @Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw, SS15 Subang Jaya

With saving up to 52%, I get to enjoy Single Beef Baconizer and Single Chicken Turkeynizer for just RM5! What a steal. Thanks to the discounted deal on Living Social. I’ve heard about people giving positive reviews on their burger. Therefore this is a good chance to join in the¬† burger craze. Currently there are 7 outlets in Klang Valley.

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw founded in April 2011 by two young Malaysian entrepreneurs, Mohd Faizul Baharudin and Nini Haznita Muhammad.


The main branch is located at Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju. At SS15, it is the only Diner Restaurant. While the other 6 outlets are just burger stall or street kiosk.


Just like other fast food joints…self service. But this is slightly different. You place and pay your order. Get your number, as printed on the receipt and wait for your number to be call. Although there were many customers, but we did not wait too long for our food to be ready. Ermm….if I’m not mistaken, it was not more than 15minutes. Its an open can probably watch how they prepare the burgers. Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw claimed making homemade patty by themselves and not the frozen patty sold in the supermarkets. So, I assumed the freshness is there.


Add on soft drinks


And also fries with cheesy cream + mayonnaise.


Alex had Single Beef Baconizer. Alex said the beef patty was good.


I had Single Chicken Turkeynizer. I like my burger. Thick, crispy and succulent fried chicken fillet with turkey slice, lettuce, a slice of cheese and dressing. Ohh ya, the bread was not dry too.

20130310_202021I felt the burger here are quite good. Judging the portion, I would say the price is not expensive. A single patty is more than enough for me. Really full after eating together with the fries and a drink.


Eat burger is more shiok to hold with both of your hands right. But how to handle big stack burger? I don’t want to open my mouth as huge as an alligator or getting messy. Do share your way of eating burger ūüėČ

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw

SS15, Subang Jaya
47-G, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Subang, Selangor, 47500
013-356 8430 / 012-627 6547

Operation Hours :- Monday – Sunday: 6.30pm to 2.00am

Yummy Spaghetti @ The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery

Spaghetti / Sandwich + Ice Cream + Drinks at The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery for 2 (RM29)

Yea..I redeemed another deal from Groupon.

I almost forgot that I have not redeem this coupon, which was about to expire. hehe….Therefore, I was kinda last minute lor. It was so difficult for me to make a reservation even it is for just 2 person. (weekday also full, dinner also full, lunch full jugak..) Finally manage to get a vacant slot for us on the last day of redemption. *Phew…

photo by The Vanilla Place

This is the section for Groupon users. I sat where you can see the guy in red is. (I can peek at what’s cooking at the stove which is just next to me). I saw their spaghetti comes in individual packs. ^^

We were able to choose either sandwich or spaghetti. So, Alex and I chose spaghetti. The menu is quite simple. But the choice of spaghetti is quite many too.

Alex chose Spaghetti Carbonara. Nicely cooked spaghetti with creamy sauce topped with slices of mushrooms and turkey.

I chose Spaghetti Seafood Pesto. I have no complain on my spaghetti. Love the flavorful sauce that they use to cook it. Moreover the seafood is quite fresh too! Yuummmm….(highly recommended!)

For drinks, we were served wit Ice Lemon Tea. Then after meal, each of us got a scope of vanilla ice cream. My friend said  their salad is good. But I hardly order salad outside ^_^

Anyway there’s still some unfilled space in my stomach that I wish to eat cake. ūüėÄ

Then, I head over to Whisk. Whisk is popular for its coffee and also cakes.

Photo by Whisk

A Classic Look  cafe!

It was at night, so I dare not try coffee. Because if I would to take coffee at night..then for sure I will stay up and wide awake like ‘owl’!¬† hahaha….

Though there wasn’t much choice of cakes left…but I would love to try their Red Velvet cake.

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting for RM11.90/ slice. The cake texture is quite moist with a lil crumbles. But its problem. Not over-sweetened but I would prefer if it has thicker layer of  cream cheese frosting.  (Rating 7/10)

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Selangor, Malaysia
Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
Empire Shopping Gallery Subang
LG 03A (near Jaya Grocer)

Lunch @ Coffee Chemistry Signature, First Subang Mall

2-Course Western Meal: Grilled Salmon Steak, Classic Roasted Lamb Shoulder, OR More + Dessert at Coffee Chemistry Signature, First Subang Mall for 2 (RM39).

Managed to grab this deal from Groupon.

Alex and I decided to redeem the coupon to settle our lunch.

Coffee Chemistry Signature is available at First Subang Mall since January 2011. If I’m not mistaken, before this..they were located at Sunway Giza.

Since their name come with the word ‘Coffee’, so I assume they served good quality coffee. And I also read several positive reviews about their coffee.

This deal does not come with drinks. Therefore we browse through the menu serving varieties of fusion food and drinks, we ordered a drink for ourselves.

At the entrance of Coffee Chemistry Signature.

Its quite obvious as you come up from the escalator. Its on your right hand side.

Counter where barristers prepares the drinks.

I noticed that their ceiling is quite nice, with decorative lights.

‚ô• with love

Alex ordered Ice Lemon Tea. The ice lemon tea that I usually order has strong tea taste but lack of lemon taste. Eventually, over here its the other way round. Not much of tea taste, but strong flavors of lemon. Which I think its not bad also la…

I ordered a cuppa Cafe’ Mocha – RM8.50 for myself. Rich and aromatic drink with nice coffee art.

Happily admiring my drink. But feel so ‘sayang’ to damage the art…. @_@

For the main course, there were total of 5 choices applicable for Groupon user.

I chose Grilled Salmon Steak, served with mashed potato and vegetables. The yellow gravy that you saw on plate is not oil but its maltaise sauce. Good match with the salmon. Unfortunately I felt that my salmon is slightly overcooked. But I do like their mashed potato. Very smooth and buttery.

Alex chose Grilled Chicken Chop served with homemade mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables. I like the mushroom sauce but not the chicken. I find it slightly overcooked as well. Because the meat is abit dry.

For dessert, it comes with Brownie in ice cream. The brownie is warm and moist. It tasted great together with vanilla ice cream.

And Affogato. Espresso topped with vanilla ice cream. This is absolutely good for coffee lovers. Rich flavors which gives you the ‘umhhppp’!!

Verdict : I would love to return for their coffee! ^_^

Coffee Chemistry Signature
First Subang Mall, 
Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No: +603-5612 2299 / +6012-667 7512
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (10am – 11pm)
GPS Coordinates: 3.077759, 101.586562

Dinner @ Seoul Palace Korean BBQ, The 19 USJ CITY MALL

Redeemed a deal which I purchased earlier through Groupon.

A deal which consist of :-

Korean BBQ Pork / Chicken Set Meal. Includes Kimchi Jjigae + Dolsot Bibimbap + 10 Side Dishes + 1 Rice. Meal for 2 (RM43)

There are total of 4 outlets in Klang Valley. (Bandar Baru Klang, Bukit Tinggi Klang, Kuchai Lama & USJ). I chose the one located at USJ because its just 10 minutes drive from my house.

Nice and inviting entrance.

We were greeted and directed to our seat. I handed over my printed copy coupon. Confirmed our order and within minutes 10 side dishes were served while a waiter preparing our BBQ Pork. (not crowded because its on weekday therefore the service was good?)

I like the ambiance here. Its bright and well-arranged.¬† The dining area is separated into 2. The tatami style and the normal one. I like the tatami area. Feel as though I’m having a meal in Korea.

The best part about Korean food is the side dishes (Banchan). Here are the 10 refillable side dishes.

The staff working on our pork. Doing the grilling and cutting on the stove right next to our table. Yes, we chose pork over chicken.

Samgyeop-sal (Sliced pork Belly). The perfectly done BBQ Pork Belly that you hardly feel the fats. They are cut into pieces so that its easier for people to consume.

With the green lettuce, miso sauce and bbq pork belly…we wrapped them with rice.

A bowl of piping hot Kimchi-Jjigae (Kimchi stew pork & tofu) was served pretty quick! The hot and flavorful soup is tasty and quite salty. Tasty and salty, went home feeling thirsty too!

Dolsot-Bibimbap, our final dish. Bibimbap is rice in hot pot topped with sauteed vegetables and chili paste. An egg will be cracked on the rice. Then mix and stir everything before eating. (photo above shows before and after mixing)

Overall, Samgyeop-sal (BBQ Sliced pork Belly) is the one I like most. The rest are just normal. Next I’m interested to try their Samgae-Tang (Ginseng chicken soup) because I love Korean Ginseng soup!

Seoul Palace (19 USJ City Mall)
1st Floor, Lot F31, The 19 USJ City Mall, Jalan Kewajipan, USJ 19, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Phone: 03-8025 9805 (Call 11am ‚Äď 10.30pm daily)

Sarawak Laksa @ Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong

[41% Off] Sarawak Laksa OR Curry Laksa for 2 people at Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong for RM20 instead of RM33.70. For RM10 per person. Pork-free

(Served with Thai fish cake, mini Ngoh Hiang roll and Vietnamese prawn roll.)

When I saw this deal (above) offered at Groupon page, I was attracted by the ‘Sarawak Laksa’. Furthermore I heard a positive feedback from my friend over FB. Therefore I’m convinced! Sarawakians who are residing in Klang Valley and also misses their home-ground food can try Hai Siang Kopitiam’s Sarawak Laksa, and 3 layers tea (yet to try). Its quite similar to the authentic ones which I had in Sarawak. Ada jugak rasa Sarawak….

I was told that the owner of Hai Siang Kopitiam is from Borneo and the ingredients are from Kuching. Ohh..patutlah…

Very vintage feel. Matches the environment of a kopitiam.

Hai Siang Kopitiam started business in August 2006 in a new township of Bandar Puteri Puchong. Huh…so long edi ar…now only I knew about this place. So outdated!

A menu with more food and drinks. (will try more in future) I guess their signature drink should be coffee. But I didn’t order one. Because it was during dinner time and if I would to drink coffee…I will be an owl the whole night. I’m just like an old lady…can’t take tea or coffee at night. =_=

A beautiful bowl of Sarawak Laksa…with 2 fat prawns. Sarawak Laksa, the broth is different from our local Laksa. And the important thing for Sarawak Laksa is the sufficient spice and ingredient to make a perfect broth. Topped with shredded chicken, omelet and a calamansi.

Rice vermicelli for Sarawak Laksa is different from our local rice vermicelli. Its slightly thicker and crun.

Mini Ngoh Hiang Roll

Thai Fish Cake

Vietnamese Prawn Roll

Hai Siang Kopitiam
17, Jln Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri, 
Puchong, Selangor 47100
(near Giant Puchong)
Phone: 03-8061 6919 (Call during operating hours)
Business Hour:
Mon – Sat: 8:30 am 11:30 pm
Sun: 8:30 am 6:00 pm

Dinner @ Jade Dragon Restaurant, Seremban (with coupon!)

My 1st dining experience here was a pleasant & satisfying one! Read Here.

Thank to the deal offered in¬†¬†which gave me a chance to dine here once again at a discounted price. Unfortunately the word “Pleasant & Satisfying” has vanished in just one night! That is the reason why I need to insert the word “with coupon” on my title.

Pay at 50% off = 50% off Service

Pay at 50% off = 50% off Food Quality

Pay at 50% off = 50% off Food Quantity

Enjoy 50% OFF Authentic Korean Cuisine with a Korean Set Meal (3 Choices with Rice + Drink

——> Anyway, I don’t seem to enjoy. Handed my coupon to the restaurant owner and only came to confirm my order 10 minutes later ,even asked me again whether I’ve handed the printed coupon. Duhhh…Okay..I sounded like a cheapo dining there. Then waited for 30 minutes just to get our drinks served after we reminded them (gave us an excuse¬† the reason is that Korean usually serve drinks after meal!) Wat Da!

Then another 15 minutes to serve our food. (For your info; the¬†restaurant¬†was just 1/2 occupied!) *I was trying to be cool, though I’m so frus.

Dwenjang Chigae¬†(Bean Paste Stew with Beef and Vegetables) is a stew made from Korean dwenjang. Usually, it contains a variety of vegetables and several shellfish including small mussels, clams, shrimp and/or large anchovies. (Note : I couldn’t find any mussels, jellyfish nor large anchovies)


Soondooboo Chigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) is a spicy stew made with soondooboo, a soft uncoagulated tofu which is produced without undergoing the process of compression which removes water and curdling it firmly. It is usually made with some pieces of pork, several small clams, chopped garlic and red-pepper powder (kochukaru) along with chopped leeks and sesame oil.

(Note : Yes..indeed there were just ‘several’ ‘small’ clams, few pieces of pork & the mushy tofu.)

Kimchi Chigae (Fermented Chili Pepper Cabbage Soup) is a very popular soup made with kimchi and kochujang, served in a stone pot that allows the soup to continue boiling when served. The Kimchi Chigae contains kimchi as well as other ingredients that vary widely such as green onion, onion, tofu, beef and seafood.

One of our rice is 1/2 full! Wat Da!!

Do compare the food photos published on the deal HERE

Note : Ban Chan is no longer free. You’ll have to order and pay RM7

Jade Dragon Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No. 109-1, Lorong Haruan 5/4,
Oakland Commerce Square,
70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Tel : 06-632 9646 (For Reservation)

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11:30am – 3.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm – 10:30pm
(Open Daily)

Sorry…this will be my last visit!

Lunch @ Zouk Cafe Bar, The Gardens Mall

Its a new place to us. Though we walked passed this place several times. Then an opportunity came. The discounted deal. We thought this could be a good chance for us to try the food here.

With groupon’s deal of just RM19… What am I getting here?

Zouk Cafe Bar Burger or Spaghetti Bolognese + Free Flow Soft Drink.

We are the Burger Aunties Ladies!! All 3 of us chose burger instead of pasta :-p

 The modern yet sophisticated design gave me the urge to try the food.

We made ourselves comfortable. The environment plus the ambiance here is good. Nice place to catch up with friends. Erm…but not a romantic place lar…

¬†Good hospitality during our visit. Our drinks were refilled constantly without any reminder. **and that ‘somebody’ was so thirsty lo…**

¬†I’ve read some blogs mentioned that the service here is VERY SLOW & Inefficient. However during our visit, it was fine. Food served pretty quick and quite efficient too.

Assorted cakes are served here. Hope to return for their cakes ^^


Wanyi’s choice of Beef Burger

Zouk Cafe Bar Burger served together with coleslaw and french fries. Looks good…too bad, the beef patty was quite dry.

Ashley and I chose Chicken Burger. Apart from the french fries and coleslaw…the burger was so so only. ¬†I felt the lack of juiciness on the meat patties.

 The collapsing burger tower.

¬†Ashley had a tough time handling the ‘tower’.

¬†We thought it wouldn’t be enough….so, we ordered an additional plate of Fish Fingers from the menu for RM15++. The fried fish fingers were good. Crispy batter and not too oily.

The potential Zouk Ambassador??? LMAO!!

Food : 6.5/10

Price : 6/10

Ambiance : 8/10

Zouk Cafe Bar
Lot G-223, Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2288 1997

ZenQ Dessert @ Sunway Pyramid

We often heard about the popular Snowflake dessert. But these days we are getting more and more of the cloning ones. (sorry to say that). What I like most about these desserts is the ‘taro balls’. Originally from Taiwan. And I’ve had a good one at Jiufen, Taiwan. So, basically I’ll be grading them base on the ‘taro balls’. hehehe….then the pearls, then the milk tea.

I spotted ZenQ located near Burger King of Sunway Pyramid and I decided to give it a try. Well…actually I’m trying to compare if there’s anyone able to beat Snowflake.

ZenQ serving both cold and hot desserts. Not forgetting drinks as well.

The popular Taiwanese dessert, here I got myself a bowl of ZenQ MySignature for RM7.50. Beneath is the Grass Jelly ice, topped with a layer of Grass Jelly and complemented with their chewy brown sugar coated Pearls and the jelly-textured starch noodles. Not forgetting also Q Yuan (taro balls). Each color are made from different ingredient. Orange = Sweet Potato, White = Yam, Green = Green Tea/Matcha.

Added creamer.

A closer look on this ‘grass jelly series’. Since I’m emphasizing on the taro balls…I would say that ZenQ’s taro balls are below average. I felt that its lack of the ‘chewy-ness’ lar. Moreover I would suggest you not to add the creamer. It became so ‘pekat’ (concentrated) before I could finish half. **quite geli lor**

For drink, I’ve tried ‘Passion fruit Green Tea-RM4.90’ and ‘Aiyu Baby Pearl Winter Melon Tea-RM5.90’. I reckon ‘Aiyu Baby Pearl Winter Melon Tea’ is not bad. Aromatic winter melon tea and whereby you can chew the chewy baby pearls, crunchy basil seeds and jelly noodles.

***Unfortunately the dessert above did not meet my expectation….

ZenQ Desserts
Sunway Pyramid
F1.15 & F1.16c
(Located beside Burger King)

Dine for 12-hours at Atrium Café, Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Atrium Caf√© of Pyramid Tower Hotel introduces the first 12-hour Marathon Buffet. What are you expecting here? Multiple entry to Atrium Caf√© from 11am to 11pm for a 12-Hour feast of the finest Pan-Asian cuisine.¬†In another word, they named it as Marathon Buffet. Sounds interesting and feeling the excitement with ‘multiple entry’ throughout the day!¬† Imagine I can do my shopping at Sunway Pyramid, feeling hungry? Then returned to the dining hall to fill my stomach. So convenient right? (Sunway Pyramid linking to Atrium Cafe at 4th Floor)

Successfully grabbed this deal with the recommendation by Baby Sumo….for just paying RM55

Sparing and arranging my time will all the good deals coming around, finally I’m redeeming my coupon just before it expires. Traveled from Seremban, I reaches at 12pm. Regarding about the ‘multiple entry’, how do they identify their guests? Alex & I were, each were given a handwrist tag. (just like what you got went you visit theme parks. e.g: Sunway Lagoon). Therefore my all day long meals are settled here. My lunch, my tea break, my dinner. And if time permissible, I can continue with supper too! ^^

Atrium Cafe is located on the Lobby Level of the 4-star Pyramid Tower Hotel, adjacent to the 5-star Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

The long buffet spread!

Expecting some Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine? Well…you can get it all here.

The freshly bake bread.

Condiments to prepare your own version of sandwich.

I made myself a yummy croissant filled with egg-mayo, tuna & slices of tomato. The croissant was good. Fluffy and has nice taste of butter.

Assorted dressing for Salad


Individual stalls are set up, serving local cuisines.

Stall #1 – Serving Penang Fried Kuey Teow

Stall #2 – Serving Curry Noodles with condiments

Stall #3 – Assorted cut fruits

Stall #4 – Serving Congee/ Porridge with condiments

Stall #5 – Serving Hainanese Chicken Rice. Flavorful rice together with tender chicken meat. Unfortunately the chili sauce wasn’t good.

Stall #6 – Serving Roti Jala with Curry Chicken. Also Ayam Goreng Berempah. YUM! Love the fried chicken and curry chicken.

At The Noodle Section, one should not miss this Prawn Wanton Mee! The springy noodle goes well with the flavorful soup. Additional credit to the plump & crunchy prawn wanton.

A bed of fresh seafood (mussels, crabs, prawns).

The best Malay cuisine. SATAY! Together with peanut sauce, cucumber, onions and nasi impit. Satay was surprisingly good and its not overdone!

My “not so good” Fettuccine¬† Marinara, from the Pasta Section =(

Assorted Nyonya kuih.

Dessert Time! Dessert section for people who has sweet tooth….

Cakes & Puddings

Cakes & Tarts. (love the dark chocolate cup) *slurp

Ice Cream Section with condiments.

Assorted condiments for the local favorite. Ice Kacang or known as ABC.

The overall dining experience was average. I was expecting them to serve different types of food between lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, what I see mostly are repeated food. There were about 70% similarity. Abit disappointed lo..imagine eating the same thing throughout the day.

Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +603 7492 8000