Happy Birthday Baby Alysha

Two weeks ago, Sin Wei invited me to her daughter’s 1 year old birthday party at Royale Bintang Seremban. Time flies…so fast Baby Alysha is now 1 year old. I can still remember the day she was born and then fullmoon, where I took some portraits of her. Makes me wonder..children these days grows really fast. Hence watching their growing stages is the most memorable ones to every parents.

When she was 1 month old…….

The birthday celebration was held at Asiatique Restaurant.

Mickey & Minnie Theme for the birthday gal. Hhmm…mummy really puts alot of effort for tonight.

The cupcake tower.

A Minnie Mouse arch

It was a buffet dinner. So, I started with a plate of fresh sashimi. Salmon & tuna was very laku. When I took an empty plate to fill…all salmon & tuna finished. Leaving only octopus. No choice but to ask the staff to replenish.

I topped the sushi with some golden fish roe.

Udon, Tempura & Mussels. There were also some BBQ food. However the buffet dinner was just average.

Lovely Mummy Minnie & Adorable Minnie Alysha

Lets sing a birthday song for the birthday gal.

Alysha is so chubby and cute..feel like cubit-ing her.

Both Sin Wei & Wei Chi are my school friends. Ok lar…we adults also want to act cute ma… ^_^

A photo of me & HB. Ahemmm….how come HB looks like put on alot of weight in this photo?? Shhhh..I think is my bad …lately I fed him alot of food. haha…But I think Mother in law will be happy to see that his son is well fed rite? ahahah..

Once again…


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Alysha”

  1. wah .. so glamourous …
    1 year old birthday party ?
    In my whole life i dont have any bd party b4.. kekekeke..
    somemore got theme .. mickey and minnie.. nice lo..

  2. looking at the amount of salmon, tuna & octupus you take ..
    I think the staff have to replensih a lot of time .. LOL..
    but i bet the salmon & tuna is very good .. nice…
    wei if you got this type of party ask me to come a long also le….

  3. Belated birthday wishes from me too. Wow!!! Kids today are such a pampered lot. What a grand party! The baby looks=ed so serious… LOL!!!

  4. Minnie!!!!!
    Wah… so fast 1 year old liao!!! I still remember last year you took her full moon photos de right? Time really flies lahhhhhh…….. -__-
    The food looks nice oh.

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