Mochi Sweets @ The Gardens Mall

Mochi Sweets first landed on the sunny shores of Malaysia on 29 July 2011. Brought all the way from Japan. Made from glutinous rice flour, pure extraction of fruits, kidney bean and fresh cream.

My first purchase of Mochi Sweets was from the very first outlet in Tokyo Street, Pavilion. My curiosity made me bought 2 pieces (1 for myself and 1 for Alex) when I saw the big crowd making their purchase. I like mochi..but this is not those Chinese version punya mochi. (with grounded peanuts and sugar as filling). This is like those Japanese version punya mochi. In my opinion, this is the best mochi that I’ve tasted. (perhaps you may have tasted a better one?)

Before consume, please read the instruction. (so mafarn…eat oso need to read instructions!) *smack head* I’m warning you on this because…ME..did not read the instruction. (probably because I ate inside the car during night, dark2..wouldn’t bother to notice there’s an instruction sticker) . So, the texture was quite hard. And I even told come its like eating ‘ice cream’ de?? (but still taste nice oso lar) After I reached home only I saw the instruction sticker. *smack head*

“read instructions”

During the gals outing at MidValley & The Gardens Mall, I decided to get a box of Mochi Sweets. And I successfully ‘poisoned’ my other 3 buy too! Wahaha…

Note : Sorry photos below I curi borrow from Mochi Sweets FB page.

Price for box of 6 and 12. (price may vary if you decided to choose your own flavors in a box. )

These mochi’s size are approximately 5-6cm diameter. And the filling is generous too!

The menu. Price range from RM3.50 to RM4. They’ve now introduced a new flavor. “Black Sesame”.

Good news! With every purchase of are entitle to get a piece of Black Sesame Mochi for free. Erm…still got 3 more days for you to grab this deal before it ends rite? ^^

See…told you rite? Each with their happy & satisfied purchase! haha..

My box of treasure. I like the gooey and not hard texture. Of course with the generous amount of fillings. Each flavor taste differently. To me..all the flavors are good! RM3.50-4 may sound not cheap for a piece of mochi. But I think its worth trying. ♥♥♥  😉

• Tokyo Street @ Pavilion (Lot No. P6.15.00, Level 6)
• The Gardens Mall (Lot S-K01, 2nd Floor)
• 1 Utama (Lot GK-102, Ground Floor)
• Sunway Pyramid (Lot F1-100C, 1st Floor, Orange Atrium)

22 thoughts on “Mochi Sweets @ The Gardens Mall”

  1. lol … everything also put inside mulut and wallop..
    c now sudah makan ice cream liao .. LOL….
    the sales girl did not advise you on this?
    mayb u buy only 2 biji.. so dont bother to tell u…

  2. last time I work in a jap company and there always lot of jap ppl visit.
    they usually get me mochi for souvenior.. and I think is so so only..
    Luckily my wife is not a fan .. if not my wallet kering liao..

  3. girl really can shop .. i packet 2 packet just to buy mochi.. good le..
    I wonder how it looks like when it is YES (year end sales)…
    maybe need to bring maid to carry your 1 packet packet clothes.. muahahahaha.
    hey buy so many no belanja me gher?

    1. Simple Person – hahaha…where so many packet wor. No maid le…Now oledi Thursday..all inside my perut edi lo..hahaha..Nola..shared among my family. BTW..This mochi can keep for 3-4 days only =p

    1. Cheryl – 1st time tried Mango & Chocolate. Then this time I tried Peach, Sakura, Purple Potato, Blueberry, Strawberry, Caramel. Yalo…I tot sakura will taste weird..mana tau, quite nice jugak! 😉

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