Dinner @ Restoran Uptown Japanese, Seremban 2

Taking a short break from my Bangkok post.

(Note : Dine here on beginning of May 2012).

Talking about Japanese food or Japanese Restaurants, there aren’t much choice in Seremban. Unlike in Klang Valley. Where you can spot one easily. (macam-macam nama pun ada) Recently, there’s a new restaurant serving Japanese food in Seremban 2. Near to my parent’s house again lor….hehe..

Dining in a new restaurant is like taking a risk on either you’ll be getting some good food or something that you wouldn’t bother to return again.

A simple and bring interior.

Flipping through the menu, just made me feel like its so similar to another Jap Restaurant which I’ve visited. The photo illustration is similar! *sigh* should have taken a photo to show you guys.

Chicken Teriyaki Zen – RM28

(grilled chicken coated with a sweet soy teriyaki sauce)

Chicken meat not very tasty. Only can taste the outer coating of teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Katsujyu Zen – RM28

(Japanese style fried chicken)

The average Chicken Katsujyu.

Salmon Sashimi Zen – RM30

The thinly sliced salmon.

Yakiniku Zen – RM36

(Japanese grilled beef)

Closer view of the beef stripes. This one is acceptable.

Verdict : Wasn’t much choice of dessert. Wanted to order green tea ice cream. Sadly it was not available! Green tea is served free. For the similar price but with better food quality and taste, I would prefer to go to Hokkaido IchibaRakuzen or pay slightly higher for Tenjin Japanese Cuisine.

Restoran Uptown Japanese
Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban.

(will update the full address soon)

14 thoughts on “Dinner @ Restoran Uptown Japanese, Seremban 2”

    1. Yalo…becoming 1 new town soon. You want buy in Seremban 2 meh? Then ma need to travel to work daily? U no buy earlier…now the price oso becoming more expensive oledi lor.

  1. Oh? So you’re living in Seremban then? The Japanese food looks good – the sets are more expensive than here but I think you get a lot more things… Yummmm!!!!

  2. yay, if i ever need to head to seremban for work, at least i know there’ll be a decent japanese dining option there 😀

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