Happy 1st Birthday to Ayden Boy

Last weekend, I was given an opportunity by Mummy Pei Pei to capture the memorable moment of her son, Ayden. Mummy Pei Pei planned a birthday party celebrating Ayden 1st birthday at their condo’s poolside. Apart from that…it will be a memorable place to her since she’ll be moving to Butterworth soon. Wishing her all the best there!

The event began from 5.30pm and ended at 7.30pm. Capturing Ayden wasn’t tough. Because he is such a cute little boy. I was quite surprise that he wasn’t cranky too. Guess he enjoyed his birthday too. Receiving presents (which he may not know what are they), meeting baby friends, getting most of the attentions!

A beautiful BEE fondant cake made by Mummy’s friend. Such a thoughtful friend. It was a moist chocolate cake. Taste good too!

Ayden is very attached to his Kong Kong.

Ayden with 2 front teeth!

Ayden doing ‘live conference’ with Aunt.

Ayden greeting baby friend.

Ayden meeting another baby friend.

Aren’t he looks so adorable? I would call him miniature Pei Pei la…he looks just like mummy! hahaha

Ayden had a fun time with baby friend!

Uhh..I caught him standing. And he was smiling too!

The family bond. Daddy & Mummy ♥ Ayden.

I’ve just released these few photos and uploaded them on my FB. Hope Mummy Pei Pei will like the rest of them. Ohh ya..immediately after I uploaded these photos…a friend of mine text me, asking me to photoshoot her daughter’s 1 year old birthday party too! Wow…seriously..I did not expect I’ll become a baby photographer. May be I should have confidence on myself huh. What do you, my blogger friend feel about the photos le? All comments are welcome! 😉

18 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to Ayden Boy”

  1. Great shots Melissa!! I saw them on FB the other day and thought they were great. My fav is the ones of him and the grandpa as well as his parents 🙂

  2. Like I said, it’s not about the camera, it’s how you make it work! Very nice lah, can feel the happiness from the photos 😀 Baby Ayden love smiling ler!

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