KFC Flaming Crunch….Not bad at all wor…


Its crispier…and its crunchier compared to the usual Hot & Spicy.

Have you tried the new recipe from KFC called Flaming Crunch?

Ever since the “Kung Fu Chicken” incident…many people started to boikot KFC. But I didn’t bother…erm..I think I did boikot for 1 month. hehe..

Hence, I only choose selective KFC. Because not every KFC serve the same quality of chicken. Some outlet serves lousy chicken. What I meant by lousy is tough chicken (as though its re-fried), bad service (as in super slow) – fast food became slow food!

I made my first try when it was newly launched. Coated with crunchy cornflakes, Flaming Crunch is crunchier and spicier. SEDAP!!

Some people may find it addictive too…..hehe…

I like the way my friend, Andy commented on his KFC lunch. “Finger licking good and ‘healthy’ coz chicken is coated with cornflakes”. hahaha…

Then yesterday Wan Yi and Yew Kong bought KFC over to my house for a feast. They bought the KFC Limited Edition The Amazing Spider-Man Bucket Combo. Which consists of 9 pcs chicken, 1 Large Coleslaw, 1 Large Whipped Potato, 1 Regular Cheezy Wedges, 1 Twister Burst (1.5L) and 2 sets of TGV discount voucher (RM4x2 off movie voucher) for RM50.10.

Now, the Spider-Man plastic bucket is laying in my kitchen. What should I fill the bucket le? ^_^

Next, we complete our dinner with ice cream!

I bought a cheap ice cream from Tesco under the brand of First Choice. A tub of 1.7L ice cream for just RM7.90, I never expect that its quite good. I bought the Mango + Vanilla flavor (which I find it special, because I love Mango). The ice cream texture is quite smooth and fine..and it doesn’t melt so quick like Walls or Nestle. Conclusion…cheap thing can be good too, rite? ^^

31 thoughts on “KFC Flaming Crunch….Not bad at all wor…”

  1. OMG!! I was thinking about going to KFC once i finish work and i got your mail!
    Melissa you make me more hungry now but i have to wait 😦

    1. SP – 1st time I went..that timer looks like for ‘pai leng’ (display)..I heard its only applicable for certain time one rite? Not during peak hour I think. Else they whack people..hahahah

  2. I tried it.. not bad .. kinda spicy for me .. now they got value for money..
    you order the set meal and then you could get the 2nd set for 50%……
    I always share it with my friend.

  3. ooh, i agree with you that the flaming crunch is better than expected. for me, it felt more tender than the regular hot n spicy, though that could be just my imagination 😀

  4. Do you know that they do not offer the hot and spicy now and each piece of Flaming Crunch is RM0.20 more than the standard H&S?
    This was told by the KFC staff to me….
    Seem like this is their way to increase the meal price without you knowing it.
    May want to boikot KFC again..

  5. I agree with you not all KFC outlet serve the same quality of chicken. However I have grown to dislike eating KFC, I can only have one piece if I must but I choose not to have KFC nowadays coz its so oily and dry. Mc donald Hamburger is still my fav Fast food hahahhaha

  6. Even before the incident I already rarely eat KFC ler… the last time was 2 months ago while on the way back to hometown, no choice, so chose KFC lor…… And I didn’t eat the fried chicken liao, i ate zinger burger 😛 McD and Popeye’s chicken are better 😛

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