Dim Sum Breakfast @Restoran S2 City Park, Seremban 2

Talking about where to have dim sum in Seremban….

Last time, on weekends I usually visit “Ming Kok” for dim sum. Their dim sum is quite good and its often crowded…need to take number and wait for seat, just like visiting a clinic. Unfortunately my last visit there…I suppose would be the last..the dim sum quality deteriorate alot.

One day..I was browsing through a copy of advertising magazine which delivered to doorstep every month. Then I came across this page and noticed the restaurant actually serves dim sum until 2.30pm (available on weekends). Moreover its located very near to my parent’s house. So I decided to date mummy for dim sum breakfast on the following day. By the way..mummy likes dim sum 😉

The dim sum here is like you choose which type you want, then they will steam it. Except for the frying stuff which will serve immediately.

Feels like having a bowl of porridge to comfort my stomach. Too bad, the porridge was not smooth and taste quite bland too. No century egg, just some minced pork. For the porridge, I think a noob like me may cook it better ^_^

Ordered mummy’s favorite. ‘Yong Chili’. Aikkss…the chili looks so skinny. Taste average only.

Chicken Feet….lousy too 😦

The average steamed pork ribs.

Prawn Dumpling. Skin so thick….

Siew Mai..meat texture not firm.

Yam Puff (Wu Kok)…..so small mini =_=

Compared to all the above, the only one that I felt it was quite good..is the char siew pao. Fluffy steamed bun with tasty and generous filling.

The price list. Each item you ordered, they will put a ‘tick’. I don’t understand Chinese character..therefore I just pay the total bill.

Verdict : Hmm….don’t think I will return second time. Need to hunt for another place =p

Restoran S2 City Park
Lot 28244, Jln S2 F9 Garden Homes, 
Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban.

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