Dinner @Restaurant Tak Fok,Puchong

I must say that Puchong is a food haven. There are eateries till sometimes I couldn’t decide what to eat. ‘Big Fry (Tai Chow) is often a good choice among the Chinese especially on family dinner.

But how about ‘big fry’ + seafood? My friend, Wanyi recommended this place at Restaurant Tak Fok. She said they serve seafood (crab) with reasonable pricing. She also enlightened me about the crowd during dinner hour.

IMG_6181Just a simple and casual dining place. Often crowded on weekends.

IMG_6185We came here for the crabs. 2 pieces of crabs for just RM28. As shown on their menu, they have 13 different types of cooking method. I chose Crabs with Butter and Milk Sauce. Nice flavors and not overly creamy. Although the crab size is a lil small, with the price I’m paying…it does satisfies my crab craving.

IMG_6187Fried bun to pair with the crab’s Butter and Milk Sauce.

IMG_6188Soft bun with crispy skin. But not as good as the one I had before at South Sea Seafood Restaurant.

IMG_6182I will always order at least one vege dish. Ordered a stir fry kailan.

IMG_6183Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk was quite good too.


We wanted Siong Tong Lala, but too bad Lala ran out of stock. So we were recommended to these Fresh Razor Clam (still in aquarium) for RM5 each. Cooked with rice wine, ginger and garlic. And also some cili padi and wolfberry.

Verdict : Looking for some good and affordable seafood, do pay a visit to Restaurant Tak Fok. Requires abit of waiting time during peak hour.

Restaurant TaK Fok
No 23, Jalan Puteri 2/5 Selangor, 
Puchong 47100 
Tel: +603-8060 6994

17 thoughts on “Dinner @Restaurant Tak Fok,Puchong”

  1. Agreed with u Puchong is indeed a foods heavan . The crab really look yummy & juicy . If given a chance , will drop by and taste it . Thanks for sharing Mel 🙂

  2. Actually ar there’s many food heaven in Klang Valley lo. Like Kota Damansara and Sri Petaling also many yummy food!

    The crab doesn’t look meaty. But the bun plus gravy must be heavenly!

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