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Dinner @Rantau Happy Restaurant, Negeri Sembilan

Last month, my friend Wei Chi planned for a dinner trip to Rantau. Its just a 30 minutes driving distance from Seremban town. If you are driving from Seremban 2 or Mambau, its even nearer.

Wei Chi claimed that this restaurant is located at a fish pond. Hmm…it seems nowadays people quite fancy bout this type of restaurant.

As shown on the photo above which I copied from their FB page…you can see that there are 2 floating decks above the pond. It can fit up to probably 8 tables in total. You can also opt to be seated on ground area, which is slightly away from the view of pond. Since Wei Chi is more familiar with this place…Jessie & I leave the food ordering part to her & her HB, Andy.

As we arrived, Jet was happily checking out the place when I pointed to him, water & fishes. I believed there are many Talapia in the pond.


Come early before 7pm to watch the sunset here.

Wei Chi & Jessie….both are my primary & secondary school friends.

HAHAHA….a photo to proof that we were there! 😀 😀

The dishes were served quite fast. Steamed Egg (beneath) topped with beancurd & minced pork – RM10

Fried Sotong (Squids) in Salted Egg – RM16

Spinach Soup with Century Egg & Goji – RM8

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle in Thai Style – RM48

Marmite Sauce Crab – RM60/kg.

Overall, the food was good in terms of taste & freshness. Furthermore I felt the prices are affordable too. Services were alright. No complain.

After the dinner, my friends surprised me with a birthday cake! It was a fruit cake from our town’s renowned brand, Imbi Cake House.

Thank you girls!

My birthday cakes of year 2015. I’m blessed to have my family, friends & colleagues whom celebrated my 2015 birthday on different days.

Rantau Happy Restaurant
Lot 3720, no 29,

Kg Pasir
71200 Rantau
H/P : 012 – 7821781, 012 – 7061781

*cash term*
*solely based on writer's own opinion*

Dinner @Restaurant Tak Fok,Puchong

I must say that Puchong is a food haven. There are eateries till sometimes I couldn’t decide what to eat. ‘Big Fry (Tai Chow) is often a good choice among the Chinese especially on family dinner.

But how about ‘big fry’ + seafood? My friend, Wanyi recommended this place at Restaurant Tak Fok. She said they serve seafood (crab) with reasonable pricing. She also enlightened me about the crowd during dinner hour.

IMG_6181Just a simple and casual dining place. Often crowded on weekends.

IMG_6185We came here for the crabs. 2 pieces of crabs for just RM28. As shown on their menu, they have 13 different types of cooking method. I chose Crabs with Butter and Milk Sauce. Nice flavors and not overly creamy. Although the crab size is a lil small, with the price I’m paying…it does satisfies my crab craving.

IMG_6187Fried bun to pair with the crab’s Butter and Milk Sauce.

IMG_6188Soft bun with crispy skin. But not as good as the one I had before at South Sea Seafood Restaurant.

IMG_6182I will always order at least one vege dish. Ordered a stir fry kailan.

IMG_6183Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk was quite good too.


We wanted Siong Tong Lala, but too bad Lala ran out of stock. So we were recommended to these Fresh Razor Clam (still in aquarium) for RM5 each. Cooked with rice wine, ginger and garlic. And also some cili padi and wolfberry.

Verdict : Looking for some good and affordable seafood, do pay a visit to Restaurant Tak Fok. Requires abit of waiting time during peak hour.

Restaurant TaK Fok
No 23, Jalan Puteri 2/5 Selangor, 
Puchong 47100 
Tel: +603-8060 6994

Dinner @ South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang

On one fine Sunday, Alex and I decided to make arrangements with Alan and Yau for dinner. So I told Alex to discuss with Alan on the venue. My goodness…this 2 guys can really drag! So ‘po mah’… For 1 whole afternoon, still not decided yet. *pengsan*

Luckily Yau gave a suggestion and there goes our yummy seafood dinner at South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang. However she did warn us that its a lil pricey to dine here. No doubt the food is good la…

South Sea Seafood Restaurant is located near the Subang airport (can watch aeroplane while eating crabs). Moreover the food here is Halal. It would be good for the Muslim diners to enjoy nice Chinese Seafood with the Halal sign ya.

South Sea Seafood Restaurant started its business since year 1989 with just a simple building. Besides that, we did not face any parking problem here. There’s an open air car park space just across the rood, opposite of South Sea. Parking is free.

It was quite crowded. But we still manage to get a table for 4. The environment here is not bad. And its clean too!

Yeahhh…a trip to Aquaria!! hehehe….You can see there are many fresh seafood in those tanks.

Types of crabs and lobsters.

Anybody fancy the Geoduck? But they are quite expensive T_T

These Razor Clams are so fat!! Well…I think I still prefer the moderate size.

So, this is the famous ‘Empurau’ – RM70/kg! Have you tried it? How it taste like? Is it really nice?

Alan recommended this Barbecue Squid – RM18.00. Crunchy and tasty squid. Love the tentacles.

I then ordered a ‘Xiong Tong Lala’ – RM28. The lala is not big. But they are plump and juicy. Nevertheless I love the soup very much. Finished till the last drop. haha…The soup was flavorful and abit spicy (red cili padi and ginger).

Garlic & Pepper Mantis Prawn – RM28

Crispy batter mantis prawn flesh.

A vege dish to balance our diet. We chose Yin Yong Kailan – RM16. The leaves were deep fried till crisp. While the stem were stir fry.

Presenting you, star of the night! Deng Deng Deng Deng…….. Butter Crab – RM47/ piece. The gravy is best to consume when it hot. Woot Woot. This plate of crab was finger licking good!! The not too big crab was fresh and the flesh is sweet and firm.

I like eating crabs. Any cooking style will be fine for me. Guess as long as the crabs are matter how you cook them it definitely taste good too. I usually eat the ‘kaki’ first then only I’ll go for the claw. Save the best to the last ma….

These fried buns are ideal for dipping into the crab’s gravy. 6 piece of bun is price at RM4.20.

We enjoyed our dinner here. Thank Yau for recommending this place. Would love to return for more food! 🙂

South Sea Seafood Restaurant
No 229, Jalan 2A,
Kampung Baru Subang,
40000 Subang, Selangor

GPS: 3.140688,101.54691
Tel: 03-7846 1401

Dinner @ Restoran Sin Yit Sing (新日昇餐馆), Seremban

Seremban is popular for grilled crab. Here, you may be able to find several restaurants serving grilled crab. But the popular ones are just few. However I often patronize  Restoran Sin Yit Sing (新日昇餐馆) because I find their food suits my taste, especially the grilled crab. Therefore I usually recommend my friends to this restaurant if they are keen or craving for grilled crab in Seremban.

Few weeks ago when my gf, Ashley was spending a night at PD with her beloved hb, Andrew…they took the initiative to drop by Seremban for dinner. That was because ‘somebody’ was craving for crab lor….saying “long time din go for crab crab edi le”…..and another “somebody” FFK last minute huh… Apology accepted..due to some emergency stuff.

On weekends, this place is often crowded. We were there at around 7+pm.

Something refreshing, I ordered a young coconut drink, RM5 each.

Chinese loves having soup before their meal. Therefore I’ll recommend you to this Coconut Chicken Soup, RM17 each (serving size for 2 pax). Using Chinese Wolfberry, Yu Zhu (Solomon’s Seal Rhizome, Polygonatum) and Chicken as main ingredients, cooked for several hours…made a flavorful soup.

For main course, we ordered Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf, RM28 (serving size for 4 pax). Rice was well marinated with sauce, added 2 different types of Chinese sausages and slices of mushrooms, bring to steam. I like the fragrant lotus leaf which made the rice so aromatic.

For vege dish, we ordered Wild Fern Cooked with Belacan, RM10. This dish was just average. Because I don’t really taste much of the belacan. And I felt its rather dry too.

Finally! The signature dish! Grilled Marmite Crab! We ordered 3 piece which cost us RM88. @_@ Quite overpriced rite? What to do…all of us like it so much. I like the fact that you can taste the nice marmite sauce, its well coated on the crabs. Yeap..the crabs were fleshy too.

Dipping the flavorful crab claw into this ‘special sauce’.

Restoran Sin Yit Sing (新日昇餐馆 )
No. 103 Taman A.S.T.,
Jalan Labu Lama,
70200 Seremban.
Tel: 017-6203 385,012-6780 968