My 3D/2N at Ambong Ambong Langkawi

Yes! I was here at Langkawi for the second time. Once a year? 😉

I chose Langkawi as our short getaway destination because I kinda love this island. The beer here is dirt cheap. The people here are nice too. My previous visit to Langkawi was with a group of friends. And we put up at a budget hotel in Kuah town. Since this round was just Alex & myself, I thought we should go for something better and memorable. Why not stay somewhere around Pantai Cenang? Its more happening over there compared to town.

Ambong Ambong opened since December 2011. Its still consider new. And how did I find out about this place since they are so many hotels or resorts in Langkawi? Through Groupon’s deal.

Why am I attracted to this place?

Secluded Tropical Getaway at Boutique Hotel Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat”.

Its something different from those hotels that I’ve stayed. Hence I would love to experience the touch of nature, the rainforest.

Once we arrived at Langkawi airport, we rented a car(remember to negotiate for the best price)..easily for us to move about in the island. Driving in Langkawi is quite easy. With the guide of maps and the proper road signs. Upon arriving Langkawi we thought we should go for our breakfast first. Breakfast at KFC at Cenang Mall, a new mall in Langkawi.

What is the meaning of Ambong Ambong?

Ambong Ambong is the Malaysian name for Scaevola taccada, a plant that is native to Langkawi.

There are currently two 2-bedroom cottages and six individual studios available for accommodation. Very limited!

We were guided to our room by their attentive staff. Nizam, a friendly guy welcomed us to their holiday villa.

Our Studio room, rebak 2 is located mid-hill and at 2nd floor.

A welcome drink by Ambong Ambong to quench our thirst on that sunny afternoon. Phew…I need to catch my breath after climbing walking up the stairs. Our room check in is done in our respective room. Nizam handed the room key to us, together with a map of Langkawi (which is quite thoughtful)..and some brief information.

I was amazed with their action on decorating our bed!! I told HB not to destroy the lovely swan as he was taking a short afternoon nap. LOL!

Our 46m.sq. Studio room is spacious, clean and comfortable. Lets take a tour to my room.

A small lounge area. I like the tall ceiling windows which allows natural sunlight without switching on the room lights.

I have a small kitchen in my room! Made me feels like I’m at home. This small kitchen equipped with refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, bread toaster, ceramic plates and bowls, utensils, cups and glasses. Oh ya…and also soap detergent for washing.

The room’s open air balcony with a ceiling fan. A relaxing environment with touch of nature. Birds chirping in the morning and sound of cicadas (an insect) at night. Feels like I’m camping in a forest!

There is  suppose to be a sea view here. But is blocked by the trees. *sigh

Of course we have TV in our room!

The spacious built-in wardrobe.

The bathroom with separated shower area.

I noticed there was no mirror in the room. All I have is this mirror in the bathroom. I have to fix my makeup in front of this mirror under the dim lights. Understand that probably its not suitable to install a mirror in the room…but appreciate if they could maybe install one behind the wardrobe’s door? Because the wardrobe’s light is brighter.

Although we are at a forest like villa…but we are connected to the world. With FREE WIFI! Yes…Wifi is provided for free here. Unlike some hotels with expensive room rates..but wifi is only available at the lobby. HUH! What for?!

On that sunny afternoon, wouldn’t it be great to take a dip in the pool.

Hb testing on the pool’s water. The water was quite cold! Ohh ya…it may look deceiving. I felt the swimming pool is rather small. But I think its sufficient to cater for the low occupancy in Ambong Ambong.

Chillaxing by the pool.

While having a bottle of Hoegaarden for only RM4.20!

Buggy ride is available daily from 9am-9pm. Just give a call to Nizam to check if he’s available to pick you. Sometimes we decided to climb walk back to our room. The steps are quite steep though. Really a good workout!! I told Hb, if I would to stay here for a long period, I’ll be slim and fit! LOL!!

What?! We are gonna have breakfast in our room? Ohh…that’s cool! I love the idea of having breakfast in room too. No rushing and we can slowly take our time. Food will be replenish daily around noon.

Such a healthy breakfast I’m having. Appreciate if they would to add in eggs. Then I can make soft boiled egg with toast bread. Voila!

We had our daily breakfast at the balcony. It was so relaxing. Moreover you can enjoy lotsa free oxygen here. From the trees. HAHAHA!! If you are lucky, you can spot the dusk-leaf monkey. I wasn’t lucky T_T

But I spotted a pair of Oriental Pied Hornbill in front of my room! However it flew off too before I could take a photo. *sigh*

Hb busy with his mobile phone. *tsk tsk*

Ishan Spa is located downhill of Ambong Ambong. Feel free to drop by for a spa experience.

Anna, the person in charge on replying my mails, answered my queries and sort out my room reservation.

I wish I could spend another 1 or 2 nights here. We had a unique experience and  enjoyed our stay at Ambong Ambong.

Tips: Its not difficult to locate Ambong Ambong. Ambong Ambong located on the southern part of Langkawi Island, a 25 minute drive from Langkawi International Airport and half an hour from Kuah, the main town. If you are coming here by taxi, you may need to say out “Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant” in case the taxi driver is not familiar about this place. Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant is just slightly below Ambong Ambong. Pantai Tengah is within walking distance, probably around 10-15 minutes walk. If possible, book your room at the higher floor for a better view. Kindly join their Facebook Page to know about their latest updates.

Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat

Jalan Pantai Tengah 
Langkawi, Kedah 07000
Company Website

23 thoughts on “My 3D/2N at Ambong Ambong Langkawi”

  1. ooo, this looks like a really nice retreat from the city. beautiful, calm and comfortable. it’s been more than five years since i was in langkawi the last time, and i really need a holiday soon, so langkawi could be an option. and oooh, i actually have eaten at unkaizan before, so i think i can find ambong ambong 😀

    1. Baby Sumo ….ahh…you too like d room! Langkawi is quite a nice place. And its not boring. They also have other activities if you are not onto snorkeling 😉

  2. Wah a very nice & cozy villa . Am sure u have a wonderful time there .
    Thanks for sharing Mel . Really so long never been to Langkawi . Is time to have a visit . kekekeke

  3. Haven’t been to Langkawi for a very long time. But this place looks like a good place to stay and the location seems far off from the touristy areas.

  4. Wow! This looks like a nice play to stay at in Langkawi! 🙂

    I haven’t been there since last year and it’s actually quite nice for a romantic trip. I thought you were talking about me when you mentioned “told HB not to mess up the swans” (perasan hahaaha) coz I always do that too. I’ll take the swans and use them for towels.

    46 sq ft for a studio is a good space for a room. How much per night Mel?

    I could use another romantic getaway.

    1. Last year? Ok la…not too long ago. But Langkawi is developing now.
      LMAO!! tsk….funny la u…

      For the Studio Room…the rate is at RM685 nett. But do check out their FB page…they often offered discount up to 30%.

      I managed to grab a good deal from Groupon. Which enable me to save up 50%. 🙂

    1. Hi Anon;

      Thanks for dropping by. You could rent a car at a lower price during off peak season. Last year I went Langkawi and rent a Perodua Viva (small car), If I’m not mistaken was around RM60 or 70/ day.

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