Lunch with GFs @Plan B, Midvalley

Hooray….now I can finally say I’ve been to Plan B! Not Plan A, B, C,…. its the makan place called Plan B, by the BIG Group. So many people have reviewed about this place. Felt so left out lar…. Mid of last month, when we were having a meet up, it was a good chance for us to go for Plan B since everyone of us couldn’t decide a makan place.

This deco using multiples potted plants made it look nice and special. Pretty obvious if you are entering from Midvalley’s South Entrance.

The non-photo illustration menu looks like a note pad. “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”..HAHA!! We should always think positively?

We chose and ordered few different dishes from the menu. We decided to share them so that each of us could get a chance to try all 3 items that we’ve ordered.

A bottle of plain water with glasses were served as we seated. *very efficient* The water is free of charge and its refillable. My friend commented that the bottle looks like those bottles we used to see in laboratory during school days.

We ordered Plan B Breakfast Platter – RM26.

2 eggs any style, served on toast with grilled turkey bacon, a golden hash brown, smoked chicken sausage, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms & cherry tomatoes. Comes with fresh orange juice & a choice of coffee or tea.

Means… this breakfast platter comes with 2 cups of drinks. But we requested to have a bigger glass of orange juice instead of coffee or tea. However I felt that this plate of breakfast was quite ordinary. Something I could easily prepared at home too.

Our second dish arrived, Carbonara – RM20

spaghettini with turkey ham & sauteed mushrooms, tossed in classic creamy sauce.

I kinda like their carbonara. Its not too cloying, al dente spaghetti. Overall it tasted good.

*I noticed something…. my carbonara serving size is smaller than I read from other blogs who’ve ordered the same dish wor….  😦

We saw from the menu, a whole page consists of burgers and sandwiches. So, we pick randomly and decided on The Loaded Club Sandwich – RM21

All burgers and sandwiches are served with a side of house salad. Our choice of sandwich was not bad.

What was the filling? grilled chicken, crispy turkey bacon, roasted capsicum & avocado-feta mash stacked on egg mayo spread on home-made white bread.

served with home-made chips. – Taro and Sweet Potato Chips…they are addictive!

Meet our chubby Abel jai… all became part-time nanny of the day ^_^

*sigh..a blurry photo taken by the waitress* nice to catch up with you gals… CHEERS! ♥

Plan B
(Bens Kitchen Sdn Bhd)
Lot G-073-075, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22821576
Fax: 03-22821721
Business hours: 10:00am – 12:00am


31 thoughts on “Lunch with GFs @Plan B, Midvalley”

  1. Yaaaaaa!!!!! I was there first…na na na na na!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Oooo…the club sandwich! That’s what I simply must have the next time I go over… Drooliing plus-plus!

  2. yeah i also been there looooooong time ago 😛 Y U SO SLOW 😛

    i like their soft self crab pasta with slightly heat geh…i am not a carbonara girl but i love that!

  3. Plan B was a favorite several years ago when they opened in Bangsar coz it’s close to me! 🙂

    They have great ox tongue sandwiches.

    I also like S.Wine (at Publika) but the Plan B (at Telawi, not Publika) was where we hung out last time – nice name, can’t think of anything to eat? Plan B then.

      1. I prefer inside BIG (the grocery shop at Publika) nowadays.

        It’s just one floor down, if my orientation is correct. They have great stuff and it’s priced the same as Plan B.

        All the ingredients they use actually come from the grocery shop outside, or so they say. A bit confusing to find at first though, you have to go into Ben’s Independent Grocer, into the non-halal section, and there’s a small door on your left halfway through.

  4. Eh… the carbonara is quite a big portion lor if eat alone.. I went second time and I almost couldn’t finish it. But it was nice ler, i sayang it so I mati2 oso finished it. Hahahahaha.
    Sigh… all three of our photos oso blur de… 😦

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