I Thought I saw Ghost!

Beginning of June 2013, Alex and I decided to go for passport renewal when we realized that our passport has expired. I’ve heard about the service of renewing passport via kiosks…(only at selected place in Klang Valley) is fast and easy. Therefore I google for information and address before going there.

Read HERE….the writer got her passport renewed and ready within 90minutes via kiosk.

Well prepared ourselves with a new copy of passport photo, a photocopy IC (front and back) and our old passport. Penuh bersemangat, Alex and I reached;

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Negeri Selangor, (Cawangan Subang),
Blok A, Plaza Glomac, Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-78830975 / 78850149 / 78850301
Faks : 03-78850243

in the afternoon. Went over to the information counter to inquire about the kiosk. Then only was told that they has stopped the service for renewing passport via kiosks kononnya the government has implemented new passport. With different quality (effective since May 2013). I was damn pissed off lor…. Means I gotto get a number, queue and renew via counter. Want to get number also finished. So many people want to travel meh……….

Forget it…I then changed my mind to renew our passport at the Immigration Dept. in Seremban. We went there early before 8.30am. Wasn’t crowded…may be cos its still early. Get it done within 20 minutes from getting number, waiting time and to payment. Then we were given a collection receipt for our new passport. Guess what… 4 hours to be ready!! “So EFFICIENT lah”!! I do not want to waste time…I decided to come back another day to collect my new passport. After all the collection receipt is valid for 3 months.

Passport Fees

  1. RM100.00 for 2 years

  2. RM300.00 for 5 years

photo #1

photo #2
photo #2

Kindly refer to photo #1 and photo #2…both are source from www.imi.gov.my.

Kinda confused right. One saying ‘blue background’ and the other one saying ‘white background’. Anyway…..the current photo specification is ‘white background’. Do take note.

Went to collect our passport on another day (you are not allowed to collect on behalf of other person) at the collection counter. Remember to bring along the collection receipt. It was quick. However I got freak out!!!!

IMG-20130701-WA0000-001I thought I saw Ghost!! @_@

2013-07-24 20.48.26This was my original photo. With color okay! How come they changed it to ‘black & white’ on passport?!!! huhuhuhu…..

2013-07-24 20.47.09New passport (with embedded microchip) can visit Japan without the need of applying visa. (Read HERE)

**My new passport is so ugly! Luckily its just for 2 years. That’s all about ghost.** 😀

20 thoughts on “I Thought I saw Ghost!”

    1. Mine is expiring soon too….And we shall remember to not do it in Subang for sure.. I think I am gonna do it in Mlk. I remember they were pretty fast too.

  1. Mine ended with spots after the laminating…dunno why! Like I have some kind of skin disease, so awful. Never mind – not even the Immigration people will get to see these days – just scan using the machine.

  2. Mine’s also expiring soon, in a couple of months time. I think we all would have to renew our passports through the counter while the Passport Department sorts out with their kiosks.

    My last renewal left me looking terribly older than my own age in the passport. =(

      1. they open on weekends but the line is super long even in Seremban. In the end, I also didnt manage to do my passport. Oh btw, wanna ask, do I need to provide my birthcert as well? or IC is enough

      2. Jing Yi – Those working people sure go on weekends. Nope…did not require birthcert. I only brought along original IC, photocopy IC, old passport and photocopy of old passport.

  3. Luckily mine not that bad, but I had a good laugh at Andrew’s one….. LOL! Finally for once his passport photo looks uglier than mine! LMAO!!

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