The Play Project Mahavidya & Civitas Seremban

An introduction of The Play Project Mahavidya in correlation with CIVITAS.

CIVITAS is a Seremban based NGO that works on creating awareness , acceptance and inclusiveness in Seremban society for children and adults with special needs. Civitas aims to create network for families with children with special needs and create a vocational center that is centered around a Cafe Kitchen and Organic Garden.

Their aim is to eventually create a place for people with special needs where they can live as independently as possible, where they can thrive and live a full life. Hence, e a place that will give them dignity, value and a sense of belonging when their families can no longer take care of them.

CIVITAS also want to create a platform for differently abled people on running a cafe. By this, future generation with special needs have the chance to learn various skills on catering. Vocational training will be mainly trained on setting up the cafe, cook and prepare food/beverages. Besides that, they will be trained on setting up the cafe, cook and prepare food/beverages. They will be trained to serve food in good manner and learn to manage money. Furthermore, they also learn to make packets of (gluten free) snack by using weighing machine and gain knowledge in packing and selling.

Both Civitas Cafe and Organic Farm are in the midst of preparations before it is fully operating. In this case, volunteers are also most welcomed.

I felt this is a very good idea in order to make the special needs adult an independent person. To be a waiter, a chef, a gardener.

I was greeted by Edith Kasander (Devi) who then gave me a tour of The Play Project Mahavidya.

The Play Project is a family oriented therapy center for children with special needs. Offering occupational therapy, physio therapy, aqua therapy, speech therapy Early Intervention Program (EIP) and also kids yoga classes and drum circles.

The Play Project was founded by Parameshuwaran Punnuduray and his Dutch Wife, Edith Kasander in 2014. Initially Edith (a certified Intensive Care Nurse) or often called as Devi, only provided Aqua Therapy. Devi followed a 2 years long, hands on training in Amirs gym, a kids rehab center in KL and got certified in various aquatic modalities. To extend the services on Occupational therapist a physio therapist and a speech therapist joined the Play Project Mahavidya over the years to create therapy approach.

The center also hoping to have a Consulting Child Psychologist to join their team.

Zazen Fir Infrared Sauna is used here. Few of the benefits are boosting immune system, detoxing, improved sleep patterns and bowel movements and in some cases reduction of seizure activity due to the scaler inside the sauna.

The Play Project Mahavidya caters for children from 6 months into adulthood. Working a lot with kids with autism and learning disabilities but also down syndrome cerebral palsy and a variety of other congenitive disorders. Besides that, this center also offer stroke rehabilitation for adults.

Intensive suit therapy is a relatively new and form of therapy designed to help those with cerebral palsy improve muscle tone, movement, and posture.

It can accelerate children’s progress in sensory processing and motor skills through strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, vestibular, and enhanced functional skill training. Children who undergo intensive therapy have acquired skills like rolling, crawling, sitting, standing and walking, which they may not have been able to achieve with traditional therapy or would have taken many months or years to achieve.

photos from Google

According to Pacific University’s School of Physical Therapy, intensive suit therapy consists of an orthotic suit that includes a hat, knee pads, and specially-designed therapeutic shoes. The suit also has rings that allow bungee cord-type ropes to be inserted and adjusted according to the child’s height.

Once the child has the suit on and the elastic ropes adjusted, it can help bring the child’s body into the correct alignment and correct abnormal muscle tone. It can also assist in retraining the brain to recognize the new, yet proper, body movements,

While wearing the suit, children participate in exercises in a therapeutic setting. Following an exercise regime while wearing the suit is said to help children reduce ataxia, spasticity, and other symptoms that typically co-exist with cerebral palsy.

The Play Project Mahavidya is the only center in Seremban and one of the 3 centers in Malaysia that offers suit therapy.

The Play Project Mahavidya therapists are all graduate certified therapists in the modalities that are being offered and therapists go for regular training and courses to update their knowledge to be able to cater for a variety of children.

The Play Project Mahavidya has a big therapy pool with different depths to cater for different abilities. Furthermore it is also to challenge and support kids in the water on different levels.

Hakimi who has diagnosed with “Williams Syndrome” is gradually progressing well. When Devi asked whether he wants to swim. Hakimi responded ‘Nak’ although it wasn’t loud, but he’s responding.

Naveen, age 30 who is a slow learner was seen enjoying his role as Gardener. A playful and hardworking guy.

Here’s the kitchen. Kak Fatimah, who is a volunteer was spotted busy preparing meal for the therapists of The Play Project.

She also send her son who has speech delay to The Play Project for treatment.

Visiting this center is an eye opener to me. Parents who send their children here responded with positive feedback.

“All children are gifted, they just unpack their gifts at different times”


Address: No.2, Jalan Dato Kelana Ma’amoor,70200 Seremban.
Contact No.: 014-6375067
Facebook Page:

Coming 21 April 2018, a program name “Hand in Hand we grow together” organized by CIVITAS in collaboration with Seremban Prima Mall to create awareness, acceptance and inclusiveness for children and adults with special needs. It is an opportunity for society to relief the stigma of ‘special needs’.

The highlight of this event is the fashion and talent show for and by kids and young adults with special needs.

Do pay a visit this Saturday from 3-6pm at Seremban Prima Mall.




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  1. That’s a very good initiative for the special needs children. The place looks fun and the pool is actually quite nice eh! 😀

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