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Happy Birthday Marcus

It was my brother’s birthday on 6 June. He suggested to have a small BBQ party and invited his ex-schoolmates to come over to our house. However we celebrated it one day earlier, which was on Saturday. Mom prepared the food, marinated the chicken and pork. We did help mom over the minor stuff of course. The food prepared for BBQ are chicken wings, chicken satay, pork ribs, prawns, vege balls, sausages. The other sidelines are fried mee suah, coleslaw, watermelon.

these are the food

bbq drumstick, sausages, coleslaw, fried mee suah

grilled prawns, chicken wings, vege balls, chicken satay

this is Alex’s work…my pork ribs terbakar :-p

grilling in progress

brother’s friends

bro’s friend bought this cake for him. very yummy

Mel got this for bro since his college class will begin soon


Poon Choi for dinner

Mom prepared “Poon Choi” or 盆菜 for dinner today. She prepared many types of different dishes to be laid on many layers in a big pot. Poon Choi is special in that it is composed of many layers of different ingredients. It is also eaten layer by layer instead of “stirring everything up”.

Mom’s poon choi consist of pork ribs, sea cucumber, pacific clams, mushrooms, meat balls, roast pork, smoked chicken, cabbage, prawns, fried potato & radish. All are cook separately before laying them layer by layer into the pot.

Mom arranged them all into 4 layers. Here are the photos showing all of it.

mom arranging the pork ribs over the braised radish

added in the meat balls, braised mushroom, smoked chicken

prawns in action now

wokie…and now its done! need to reheat it for around 10-15 minutes before consuming.

good dinner comes along with good dessert! ^_^

donuts from “Big Apple Donuts”. We are chocolate lover….therefore you may see lotsa chocolate version donuts here =p

closer view of it….don’t be drooling ok =p


Was surprised that mummy made pizza for dinner today….

Though it wasn’t the perfect pizza, cause she replaced mozzarella cheese with normal cheese & replaced the tomato puree to an ordinary tomato sauce but with the stress that I’m receiving from work…its does meant a PerFecT one to me. My work is really give me lotsa stress lately. I certainly agreed that eating may minimize your stress. But bear in mind; you can’t repeat that everyday..its very unhealthy.

pizza time

the cross section of the pizza. can you spot the sausage on the pizza crust?

after having pizza then makan ‘onde onde’

then finally, makan mango =p

very sweet geh…

Mom’s first bake for Month of May

Did not know how come mom’s baking spirit seems to be quite strong recently. Last week made char siew buns, this week baking chocolate cakes.

May be because the oven is still ‘hot’ so its good to continue baking…kekekeke…

Anyway its good for me lor…then I can continue to have them every week ma….hehe….”mummy, so what will you be baking next weekend ler”??

(alamak….i think she will ask me to bake instead ler…cause next week is Mother’s Day ler….shhh….)

moist chocolate cake

Char Siew Bun

Mom baked char siew bun on Saturday. It was her first time baking bread.

I don’t know what ingredient she put in…just saw she bought the high-protein flour, char siew(minced), eggs, tak tau apa lagi =p

Tah Dah…here are the outcome(below). How much should i rate it ar?? Ermm… 8 out of 10? Cause the dough/ bread a lil hard…abit hard oni larr…not like rock ok.. =p

hot from oven

the cross section of the bun