KOREA ~ Day 2 (Mt. Sorak National Park, Teddy Bear Farm, Daepuhang Fish Market)

Woke up quite early. We were told to have our breakfast in hotel lobby at 7.30am(Korea time). It was a continental breakfast (omelette, sausage and bread). After breakfast, pack up(pindah rumah) headed over to Mt. Sorak National Park, one of the most beautiful national park in Korea. (less than 1 hour). Viewed the sitting Buddha, then proceed to Gweonguemseong by Cable car ride. Luckily the weather was fine. Otherwise we won’t be able to use the cable car.


beautiful flowers


check out the steep cable car ride

potato snack sold there

duno what bugs.can be eat. they claimed that its high in protein




cable car to opposite mountain

view from inside of the cable car

these are yummy

so thick fog



spotted some cute squirrel


After the tiring mount climbing, its time to refill our stomach. Had tofu steamboat for lunch.


the restaurant

the side dishes


tofu steamboat

After filling up our stomach, we proceed to Teddy Bear Farm which is quite near actually. For teddy bear lovers, I’m pretty sure you would love the place! It displays assorted teddy bears and some even dressed in traditional costume. I was pretty impressed! Despite that, there are assorted teddy bears are for sale. Couldn’t resist the cuteness, I get Alex to buy me one! Yeah…..new family member in my room.



the wedding bear

the party bears


Next destination was Daepuhang Fish Market. Over here you can get many types of fresh & live seafood. All the stall en-queued the whole street. Some of it I’ve not even seen before! You may pick your choice of seafood and get the seller to cook it for you. You may either consume it raw(sashimi) or grill.Besides the live & fresh ones; you can also purchase the dried ones from the shops along the street.


the so-called tempura ain’t nice. because they did not remove the prawn’s shell.




huge squids

long-leg crabs

duno what sea creature. but it looks geli

it looks more like fruit to me

fresh scallops

assorted fishes

pan fried stuffed squids & grilled scallops for 20000 won

1 bottle of coke cost 1000 won

yummy yummy

Daepuhang Fish Market

Continued our journey for the next pit-stop. What’s next? DINNER!! Sorry pals….vacations are normally eat, sleep & shop.hehehe…..What’s for dinner today? What’s cooking Azuma? (auntie in Korea language). Azuma said; *Mushroom Steamboat* worr….huh..steamboat for 2 consecutive meals?? Whatever larr…as long as it tasted nice to me. :-p (I did not eat much wor….as my previous snack from fish market still there in my stomach neh).


mushroom steamboat with side dishes

closer view

After our meals, we traveled to our next hotel. This time would be YONGPYONG RESORT. I would say its the best hotel/room for the entire trip. The hotel has a big convenient store located on the ground floor. Besides that; they also have a huge skiing area. You can actually ski there during winter.


the room

the living hall

the kitchen & walkway

the bathroom

24 thoughts on “KOREA ~ Day 2 (Mt. Sorak National Park, Teddy Bear Farm, Daepuhang Fish Market)”

  1. Do you know what is the difference between Mt Sorak Teddy bear muesum and Jeju Teddy bear museum. And do you think Mt Sorak Teddy bear is worth going to!!!!.

    1. Hi dana..

      Am not too sure about the differences. Perhaps you may view from these 2 link 2 compare them?

      Jeju Teddy bear museum

      Mt Sorak Teddy bear

      I personally thinks that it depends on individual preferences..came to know that the entrance to Jeju Teddy bear museum is about RM18. If you like to take photographs & a teddy bear fans…I may say its worth it.

      GOOD LUCK! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. can i know the weather at korea in june consider hot?? as i know is summer, but i saw ur pic, u wear jacket too…..

  3. Hi Mei Lian

    which date r you going to Korea? And if you are going there with tour group/agency?

    I would like to know if there any public transport that can reach the foot of Mt Sorak? or maybe near there?

    I am on backpacking trip so not travelling with tour agency.

  4. Hi Melissa, saw your blog on your Day 2 to Mt Sorak, Teddy Bear Museum & Daepuhang Market with a night stay over. Did you book this trip thru an agency or by your own? I intend to visit Korea in the last week of May.

  5. Hi Melissa, i really like drink cass beer & soju because no bitter. I always “tapau” cass beer & soju to my hotel room until my tour guide from korea warned me not drink to much. I drink ginseng wine & mix the wine with chicken soup. I try this at Seoul Ginseng Tokyechon. My favourite dishes is “bimbimbap”, but i don’t like “kimchi”.

  6. hello!! coming october gonna be my first time to korea. May i know the public transportation from Mt. Sorak National Park to Teddy Bear Farm then to Daepuhang Fish Market?


    1. Hi Cindy. Thanks for dropping by. I’m sorry if I couldn’t assist you about the public transport. Because my trip was by travel agency. Therefore the transport for the entire trip is arranged by them. Perhaps, you may take a tour to this blog, probably may give you some info.
      -Seoul Transportation Guide

  7. Hi I would like to know how to get to mt. Spark from Seoul? How long is the journery? I’m planning to go there in October. Thank you.

  8. Hello Melissa, At November 2012 is the firts time I visit korea,, I look at your blog you stay at Yongpyong Resort, I want to know how distance from Yongpyong Resort to Mt Sorak National and Teddy Bear Farm..

  9. Can i Know which hotel do you stay during this trip (MT. SORAK NATIONAL PARK, TEDDY BEAR FARM, DAEPUHANG FISH MARKET)

      1. May I know how Seorak Pine Resort is? Clean and decent? Couldn’t find much reviews on this place.. Thanks!

      2. Hi Vivian. Thanks for dropping by. Hmm….I would say the resort is just average. Don’t think its a new resort anyway. But its clean and spacious. And of course decent.

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