Hasil Tangkapan from Korea

Here are all the goodies I bought from Korea.

The currency exchange during that period was RM3 for 1000 won. Check it out:-

bling bling hairbands. left = 5000 won; right = 10000 won. Bought from Chuncheon Myeongdong. Here selling more expensive. I saw from Vincci,almost RM40 each.

assorted candies from road side trader.

hubby bought this for me. its from teddy bear farm. price= 15,000 won

all these are from “Everland”. (from left-clockwise); sleeping bunny pouch= 8000 won, gummies=forgotten the price.sorry, Everland mascots pens = 4000 won for 2.

shirt = 20,000 won (from Doangdaemun)

cardigan = 30,000 won. I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH!(from Doangdaemun)

top = 10,000 won (from Doangdaemun)

1 set = 10,000 won.*but the material not the good one* (from Doangdaemun)

hubby bought this for me. price = 5000 won. (from Doangdaemun)

korean costumed figurine magnets = 13,000 won for 10 pc.

bookmark = 1000 won each

packed seaweed. each small packed weight = 4g/ 8 pc of seaweed. price = 10,000 won.

1 big pack consist of 18 small packs. abit expensive I felt. (from Myeongdong)

skincare from “The Face Shop”

(from left) Aqua Essence = 30,000 won, Bubble Massage Cleanser(very effective in removing dirts & make up) = 25,000 won, Peeling Gel(very good in removing dead skin) = 30,000 won, BB Cream = 30,000 won (if I’m not mistaken).

cute socks= 1000 won each. (from Myeongdong)

assorted trendy earrings = 1000 won per pair (from Myeongdong)

bag (from Sinchon Street) = 10,000 won

floral chiffon dress = 12,000 won (from Sinchon Street)

for my collection = 1000 won each

10 thoughts on “Hasil Tangkapan from Korea”

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  2. OMG!!! The last 2 photos, those pooh bear!!! So cute one!!! >__<
    Mel mel, u shopped a lot oso neh. But worth the price wor.

  3. Hi Melissa! I found your blog very educational. Haha! I am going to Korea on October 28 for a 4 day relaxing vacation. Just want to ask if by chance you know where to buy nice notebooks like the Moleskine notebooks. My friends are avid notebook collectors. Haha! Also, where did you buy the bookmarks, ref magnets and the Hello Kitty thingies?

    Thanks and hoping for your reply.

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