1st Day of CNY

This year I spent my first Chinese New Year at my In Law’s house in Sarikei.

Had some mixed feeling. Had fun but on the other hand missed my family and home ^^.


According to Fook Chow’s culture (Alex’s dialect), on first day of Chinese New Year we are required to eat a bowl of Hong Zao Mian Xian 红槽鸡面线 (red glutinous wine ginger chicken vermicelli). Its a symbol of longevity. Mother in law is good at making a bowl of delicious one! She woke up very early in the morning (no idea what time) to prepare and arrange all the festive items (oranges, biscuits, peanuts and last but not least, my favorite kek lapis) for the visitors. Ok lar…I did made an effort to wake up early to help ler…But then all already kau tim by her. 😉


Hong Zao Mian Xian 红槽鸡面线


It was a wet 1st Day of CNY. Rain started at 9am. However it never fails us from going for house visiting (pai nian).

A tray filled with colorful and yummy kek lapis (taken from friend’s house).


There are actually 2 version of kek lapis(layer cake). 1 is by baking it and the other 1 is by steaming it.


A group photo was taken at Siu Ching’s house. It reminds me of school’s annual book. 😉





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