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Siam Siam Boat Noodle @Seremban Gateway

Siam Siam Boat Noodles located at Seremban Gateway (1st floor) , is opened since January 2017. Nevertheless it is a pork free restaurant.

Spacious dining room with air-conditioned, made a comfortable hangout place.

Boat noodles  is a Thai style noodle dish.

“Boat noodles have been served since the period of Plaek Phibunsongkhram in 1942, and were original served from boats that traversed Bangkok’s canals.

In the past, a merchant who sold boat noodles would have been the only person working on a small boat, and would have had to do everything by himself from paddle a boat, scald the noodles, season the soup, serve the dish, handle money and wash the dishes. If the bowl was too big, it would be difficult to hand over to the customer on the land and might be easily spilled. This is the reason why the boat noodle’s bowl is small, for the convenience and safety of the merchant.”

Siam Siam Boat Noodles offering you Thai Boat Noodle with a Malaysian Twist! There are 4 types of noodles for you to choose from; Bihun, Yellow Noodle, Kuey Teow, Loh She Fun. The options do not stop here. There are 4 types of soup to go with these noodles; Chicken Soup, Spicy Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Dry Curry.

These little bowl of noodles are topped with minced chicken, a fishball and sprinkled with spring onions.

It is an open kitchen concept, hence you can view the working staffs in the kitchen preparing the food.

In Thai food, I’ll make sure that Thai Iced Tea is in my order list! It is a drink that you must not miss.

We started off with something appetizing, the Papaya Salad or we called it Kerabu Betik. It is quite thoughtful of them to separate the peanuts from the salad, just in case there are people who is allergy to nuts.

Fishball Noodle in Chicken Soup is non spicy which is suitable for children.

Bihun in Spicy Soup

Kuey Teow in Tom Yam Soup

Dry Curry Noodle

My choice of soup would be dry curry, tom yam soup & spicy soup. Because I am a spicy person… I meant I like spicy food!

Krapow Gai Rice (RM11.90)

Krapow Gai Rice is a rice dish. Minced chicken, chili, onion and basil were cooked in Thai flavors. Its really a spicy and flavorful dish. Topped with a beautiful bull’s eye egg on rice.

Spicy Gai Tod (RM10.90) is another rice dish. The yellow turmeric rice complimented with curry gravy and a piece of fried chicken marinated with spices.

Chicken Wings (5pcs/RM16) were fried to perfection. Crispy skin, well marinated and tender meat.

After the savory meal, I would like to have some dessert. We started with a warm dessert which was Waffle. It is new on their menu. The waffle comes with choice of single or double scoop coconut ice cream. While the choice of topping would be Pandan Coconut, Peanut Butter, Strawberry or Chocolate. I made a choice of Peanut Butter. Because its my favorite. 😀 The waffle has a good texture and I like the thickness of it. Besides that, its is slightly crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. The warm waffle goes really well with ice cream + peanut butter. It is a lovely snack!

Mango is a common fruit in Thai food. Here we had Mango Pudding Ice Cream (RM14.90). 3 different kind of texture in one serving.

To feel a lil more refreshing on a hot afternoon, we had Mango Sago (RM7.90). Siam Siam Boat Noodles served a few types of shaved ice dessert.

Grass Jelly Sago Snow (RM5.90) is one of the favorite pick.

Oreo Snow (RM7.90)

If you like something simple, Coconut Milk Snow (RM5.90) would be a good choice. Shaved ice topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream and gula melaka glazing. There were some jellies beneath the shaved ice.

Siam Siam Boat Noodles

No. 5-L1, Seremban Gateway, Off Jalan Sungai Ujong
Operation hours: 11am – 10pm (closed on Mondays except Public Holidays)
Contact No. : 012-601 3908
So, how many bowls can you stack up? 🙂 🙂
*solely based on writer's own opinion*

KLRW – Dinner @ Fa Ying by Rama V

September must be my lucky month. Despite winning boxes of biscuits from Guan Heong, I’ve also won dining vouchers worth RM100 from Baby Sumo’s Giveaway. Thanks to Baby Sumo and KLRW. 😉

The vouchers allowed me to dine at Fa Ying by Rama V within October 4-11, 2013 in conjunction to Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week.

543854_666373660057483_2009653308_nThis first edition of KL Restaurant Week will see over 45 dining establishments participating, highlighting popular restaurants from different cuisines.

Get set to indulge in a gastronomic journey with the KL Restaurant Week. Menu prices start from RM20 nett for lunch and RM50 nett for dinner. Participating restaurants will set aside limited seats offering the KL Restaurant Week menus.

An online reservation is required before visiting the restaurant. Alex and I chose to go during dinner time. My menu is as below. We ordered a set of dinner menu, while the rest were from ala-carte.


Thai Crab Cake with Mango Sauce
Stir-Fried Penne with Prawn Curry
Sticky Rice with Jackfruit
Lemongrass Green Tea Cooler


2013-10-010Thai Crab Cake with Mango Sauce

I like the Thai Crab Cake but don’t quite like the Mango Sauce. Still find it nicer to go with Thai Chili Sauce. hehe….

2013-10-009Stir-Fried Penne with Prawn Curry

Ohh….an east meets west pasta! Quite special I felt. The al dente Penne were well coated with the creamy curry.

2013-10-011Sticky Rice with Jackfruit

The ol-skool Thai Sticky rice usually goes with Mangoes. But here, they were using jackfruit instead of mango. Something different and new too. But I think mango is still nicer lar…. hahaha…although both are my favorite fruits. LOL!

Below are the ala-carte dishes we had.

2013-10-006Grilled Scallop Spinach – RM15

Ohh..this was a very nice appetizer. The plump and juicy scallops were nicely grilled. Dip in the Thai sauce gave a lil sourish and spiciest flavors.

2013-10-007Tom Yam Chicken – RM12

A small serving of Tom Yam soup sufficient for 1-2 person. I was happy that the tom yam soup has made some improvement compared to the first time I tried. Previously, the tom yam flavors were too mild.

2013-10-008Belacan Fried Rice – RM15

Sorry to say, we were quite disappointed with the belacan fried rice. I don’t find any belacan taste in it . 😦

Anyway…we also finished the whole plate of rice…mummy taught us not to waste food ma…. 😀

Fa-Ying by Rama V

Lot GB08, Boulevard, Paradigm Mall, 1, Jalan SS 7/26A, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel : 03-7803 6281

Lunch @Fa-Ying by Rama V, Paradigm Mall

Recently there are several bloggers visited and also reviewed about this new place, at Fa-Ying by Rama V, Paradigm Mall. So I was here feeling anticipated to check out the place and also the food.


Fa-Ying by Rama V is a new concept restaurant from the multi award-winning Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine. Kuala Lumpur’s connoisseurs of fine Thai cuisine are now presenting a new modern style of enjoying Thai food in a casual chic setting.


Located at the Boulevard. The setting up, the deco, the name, are so chic. Pretty attractive I guess.

The modern interior with some beautiful art sculptures on the wall.

While the smoking area(outdoor) gives you the comfy feeling of dining here. Couch and colorful cushions.

View from my seat onlooking to the bar counter. On every Wednesday, they are having Ladies Night! *Free flow of Special House Cocktail to all ladies, all day long.

Ribena Lychee – RM13, gives you the refreshing feel.

On hot weather, Lemon Juice – RM8 will be ideal to quench your thirst.

For people who like to have drink with some light coffee taste,….

I chose Latte – RM10.

An appetizing starter, Pomelo Salad with Prawn – RM16. This salad seems so fresh. Love the crunchiness of fresh prawns and vegetables. Not forgetting the juicy and not sour pomelo. Combination taste of sourish, sweet and spicy.

The tasty Fish Cake – RM12

Spaghetti with Green Curry Pesto – RM22. The flavors combines well. But I feel that the green curry taste was too mild. Its non spicy spaghetti.

When dining in Thai cuisine..I often order Tom Yam. This bowl of Tom Yam Prawn – RM16 however was quite disappointing. Soup was dilute and not rich. Doesn’t give me the ‘kick’.

Roast Duck Sandwich – RM20 was good. Its something new to me. The tiny looking fries were quite good actually. They were very crunchy.

The roast duck meat were all good. Not dry and its tasty. I wish they could put more duck meat. Hehehe…..

Not forgetting a dessert to conclude my meal. Deep Fried Mango with Vanilla Ice Cream – RM16.

Crispy batter crust with cooked glutinous rice wrapping some mango flesh. I cut them into smaller pieces and preferred to dunk it in the vanilla ice cream. The warm and cold plus crispy texture was nice!

Fa-Ying by Rama V
Ground floor, Paradigm Mall, 1 Jalan SS7/26 A, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel:  03 7451 2933
Business Hour : Mon-Thu & Sun, 11am-12midnight; Fri-Sat, 11am-1am.

Dinner @ Pormtip Thai Restaurant, USJ City Mall

It was a rainy evening.

Then Alex and I decided to have Thai food for our dinner. Hot and spicy food on rainy day sangat best! ^_^

Pormtip Thai Restaurant is located at ground floor of USJ City Mall…a not so successful mall, I thought. Rather a quite mall and not many tenants. *sigh*

Our first dining experience at Pormtip Thai Restaurant was not bad. Actually we were quite surprise that the Thai food is not bad. So, we decided to re-visit.

quite modern feel…

We did not order tom yam..feel kinda common. Instead we ordered Kaeng Som – RM22. We chose a Talapia.  Kaeng Som is another alternative to Tom Yam. It is equally as good as tom yam.

Kaeng Som is Thai assam pedas with kangkung, carrots, long beans and cauliflower. Its very savory! You can choose either steam or fried fish. We chose steam.

The fish is very fresh and meaty. While the gravy/ soup is hot, spicy and sourish..really appetizing.

Other than Kaeng Som, we’ve also tried before the Lemon Steam Thai Style..which is good too!

Stir Fry Pucuk Paku (Fern) with Belacan – RM8.80

Pucuk Paku fried with belacan and some bits of dried shrimp (udang kering)

Crispy Tofu – RM8.80

An ordinary tofu dish…

After eating all the hot stuff…get a Thai Coconut for RM5.50 to cool ourselves.

A good place for Thai food lovers…and people who are staying nearby. (knowing the jam in area especially the construction of MRT is in progress)

Food : 8/10

Price : 8/10

Pormtip Thai Restaurant

Lot G-03, Ground Floor,
The 19 USJ City Mall,
Persiaran Kewajipan,
47620 Subang Jaya,

Dinner @ Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ, Seremban

I seldom travel downtown because I can get almost everything in Seremban 2 (another part of Seremban). There’s one night as Alex and I decided to head to Seremban town. We passed by this Kampung style restaurant located kinda off-sight, slightly below the road with many diners. Somehow, we did not have any thoughts to make a stop there. Until one day I saw a friend of mine posted the dish on his Facebook, saying “good Thai Food here”. All this while I thought its  just an ordinary Malay restaurant serving Malay food (nasi goreng kampung, mee goreng, nasi paprik, mee bandung). One day, I told my colleague about this place. She went and returned the next day showing me a “thumb up”.

WOW….seems like I mustn’t miss this place. Moreover I love spicy food, especially Tom Yam, my favorite!!.

The Kampung Style Restaurant serving Thai Food. Good ventilation.

I noticed most of the diners are Chinese. Worry not…this is a HALAL restaurant.

Though it was crowded, but the food served were pretty quick!

Dun play play….got WiFi summore….

As I was busy shooting…my cheeky niece insisted me to take a photograph of her too… *her signature post*

Fresh Botak Coconut – RM5/ each

BBQ Cockles – RM8 (recommended)

The clams are fresh and not overdo. Lightly dip the bbq clams in the sauce. Both sauces were good. Very spicy too….

Kangkung Belacan – RM8 (recommended)

Kangkung or Water Spinach stir-fry with belacan (shrimp paste). A must have dish in a Thai restaurant! Anyway, this was good though.

Kailan with Salted Fish – RM8

Though the kailan wasn’t overcooked, but too bad don’t have much taste of the salted fish.

Basil Leaf Thai Style Chicken – RM10

We requested this to be cooked without chili. So that Vernice can eat. And she enjoyed it. If you dislike the taste of basil leaf, don’t worry because the flavor of basil leaves did not overpowered the taste of chicken and other marination.

Steam “Kang Som” Fish (Siakap) – RM53 (recommended)

The price of this fish is kinda expensive. However lets ignore the price and enjoy the dish. The fish was fresh. While the soup is spicy and has alil sourish taste. Served under the burning charcoal (underneath the tray). You may enjoy eating the HOT & SPICY fish, including the soup till last piece. Beware, the soup/ gravy is darn spicy. I needed a fire extinguisher!!!

Seafood Tom Yam – RM16 (M) (recommended)

A pot of hot & spicy tom yam, yet not too sour filled with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, crab, squids, prawns.

Green Curry – RM18 (L)

A literally sweet curry in Thai cuisine. Its is less spicy. What’s in the hot pot? There are eggplants, basil and chicken. Somehow I preferred the curry to be more concentrated.

Deep Fried Sotong with Garlic & Pepper – RM12 (recommended)

Deep fried squids was not bad. Not too dry or hard and they are crispy. With a light taste of garlic and pepper. Dip in the Thai chili sauce and pop into your mouth.

Pandan Chicken – RM7.50 (3 pcs) (recommended)

Boneless chicken are well marinated with seasonings and spices then wrapped with Pandan leaves before frying them. Wrapping with Pandan leaves able to enhance a sweet aroma towards the chicken.

The size of meat per piece was quite big.  Moreover its tender and flavorful. Thumbs up!

Thab Thim Krob – RM3.50

Its a popular Thai dessert. Those red rubies like thing are actually chestnuts coated in tapioca flour. So, you will have the effect of chewy outside and crunchy inside. Served in the form of ice-shaved coconut milk together with slices of nangka(jack fruit).

Food : 4/5
Price : Affordable
Service : 4/5
Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ
(next to Petronas)
No. 2388, Jalan Manickavasagam,
70200 Seremban, N.S.
Tel : 06-7612184


Visited this restaurant during our trip to ‘Khong Hean’s wedding.

We were brought to this restaurant by Alex Cheng & Daphne. Though we had a light lunch on that day; but we still manage to wallop all the food! GREAT EATER!! I was so amazed with all the fresh seafood. While I was busy taking photos of all the seafood (to share with you guys); Alex Cheng placed the food order. He ordered so much of food (I think he knows that we are PIRANHA). He doubled the order (each order x 2) as there were a total of 15 person. The food that he ordered was damn good! thumbs up***

assorted fresh seafood

refreshing sugarcane juice

the very 1st dish – TOM YAM

yummy tom yam soup. (with seafood)

belacan kangkung & stir-fry kailan

vege tempura

fried squid

I like this fish. alil sour & spicy….to boost up your appetite

mango kerabu

fried ‘tung fun’

pandan chicken

a hanging antique oil lamp as deco

this is placed at the entrance

Alex & Myself

FOOD = 5/5




Butterworth Branch
104, Permatang Tengah,
13000 Butterworth.

(11.00am – 12.00am, Daily)