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Lunch at “Ah Chong Seafood Restaurant”

Ah Chong Seafood Restaurant aka “Kantin Ah Chong” is located at Pantai Bersih of Butterworth.

Can you imagine that we were here after an hour break from our dim sum breakfast.

We are proven the great eater I suppose! After checking out from our lodging place in Sungai Petani, we drove there and reached at about 30 minutes later.

This restaurant has good view, because it is facing the sea. You can admire the beautiful sea view while enjoying your meal. As we came in a big group, therefore we sat on 2 separate tables. While the rest were busy ordering the food; lets have some photo shoot first. Common why want to waste the good scenes right

this shot was taken after we got our car parked here

the calm sea with sampans

Alex & Chip

Daphne & Ginny

Ginny & Mel

Mel in action

Alright. Its time to get back to our food!

the restaurant name

fried stuffed ‘taufu pok’ (taste good in dipping sauce)

chili prawns (very creamy gravy)

spicy fried asparagus (acceptable)

spicy LALA/ clams (it would taste better if the clams were to be bigger)

claypot fish maw & cuttlefish (yummy)

fried mantis prawn (hardly taste the prawn)

steamed Garoupa Fish in Teo Chew Style (very fresh & tasty)

FOOD = 4/5




No 2, Pantai Bersih, Bagan Ajam, 12300 Butterworth.

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 11:00pm (7 days a week)

Contact: 012-476 7021, 012-402 3418



Visited this restaurant during our trip to ‘Khong Hean’s wedding.

We were brought to this restaurant by Alex Cheng & Daphne. Though we had a light lunch on that day; but we still manage to wallop all the food! GREAT EATER!! I was so amazed with all the fresh seafood. While I was busy taking photos of all the seafood (to share with you guys); Alex Cheng placed the food order. He ordered so much of food (I think he knows that we are PIRANHA). He doubled the order (each order x 2) as there were a total of 15 person. The food that he ordered was damn good! thumbs up***

assorted fresh seafood

refreshing sugarcane juice

the very 1st dish – TOM YAM

yummy tom yam soup. (with seafood)

belacan kangkung & stir-fry kailan

vege tempura

fried squid

I like this fish. alil sour & spicy….to boost up your appetite

mango kerabu

fried ‘tung fun’

pandan chicken

a hanging antique oil lamp as deco

this is placed at the entrance

Alex & Myself

FOOD = 5/5




Butterworth Branch
104, Permatang Tengah,
13000 Butterworth.

(11.00am – 12.00am, Daily)