Chili Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen

I have been to longing to try this chili pan mee ever since I got tempted through the food program shown on television. But each time also couldn’t find a chance to get there. Finally; tried it on last 2 weekend. I was told that there are a few branch at different areas; Kuala Lumpur & SS2. The one I’m trying here is located in Taipan, USJ. (same row as CIMB Bank).

The business is doing good! By 8pm; you can see that the restaurant is already full.

Other than the famous chili pan mee; they also have all sorts of pan mee (dry version lar, soup version lar..) and other side orders as well.

the menu

herbal drink

‘kat jai suen mui’

the chili flakes

the ordinary pan mee(soup version) – NOT SO GOOD

ta dah!! the chili pan mee. comes with a bowl of soup

how you shall eat:-  if you can tahan spicy; add about 4 small spoons of chili flakes into the noodles. Break the egg yolk(the egg yolk is not 100% cooked), mix it well with the chili flakes, the noodles, the minced meat, the fried anchovies. Make sure the yolk is well coated on the noodles before consume.

this is the look of the noodles after stirring it all. If you feel that the noodles is too dry; you may add some soup. But to me its just fine; not too dry though.

I like it very much. Will find chance to eat again. 🙂

FOOD = 4/5



PRICE = I would say RM5.50 is abit expensive for a bowl of pan mee. But thats the standard of living in KL right? :-p


Taipan Business Centre, USJ 10 (Taipan), USJ (UEP Subang Jaya), Selangor

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