A disappointed Sunday…..

There was MAPEX Fair held in Midvalley Exhibition Hall on 16-18 July.

Therefore Alex & I decided to pay a visit to check out the fair, to see if there’s anything that we could scout on our house hunting. We reached there at around 12.30pm. We were really surprised and went “HUH!, so small hall only?? Never mind lor….walk walk and see what do they have.” Walked 1 round (within less than 1 hour); KAUTIM!

Disappointed! Its either the locations not suitable or the type of property not suitable. We preferred to get a landed ones. But all they have mostly are condominiums. Mostly are so high density summore. We wanted to look for Subang area. Unfortunately mostly are in Bangi, Klang, Shah Alam. 😦

Fine then; we gotto think of second plan since the fair doesn’t works.

La Senza sales started on the same week. I thought probably I can get some new inner wears. Disappointed again! The sales wasn’t attractive at all…*sigh* Walked out from the shop and went for a drink instead. After a drink at ‘sweet chat’, then I went over to ‘COTTON ON’. Wah….I’m very surprised to see the only ‘COTTON ON’ with not much crowd ler….. Unlike the one in PAVILION & SUNWAY PYRAMID! So crowded!!

Managed to grab something I like here…Hooray..a reward for myself for the day! (less sad jor).

At around 6pm we left the mall; planned to send my brother back to his college in PJ. Planned to go pasar malam near his staying place in Taman Paramount. Mana tau….it was raining!! 😦 😦 Another disappointment! Had our dinner in Taman Paramount. There’s a popular hokkien mee there. Gave it a try. (will be on next post). Luckily the rain stopped after our dinner. Hooray!! Though there’s so many disappointment; but it ends with something nice too….. 🙂

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