It’s so convenient

It’s so convenient nowadays. You can prepare a good meal with all the convenient stuff sold in supermarket. (good for lazy people like me..blek).       I cooked a simple dinner yesterday night. I’m preparing stuff for my spaghetti bolognese here. Got the tomato puree with herbs well-packed in a bottle, specially for spaghetti. A packet of mussel, a pack of minced chicken meat and a packet of spaghetti. Got it all from the supermarket.

these are all the ingredients


1 packet of mussel

1 packet of minced chicken – any brand

1 packet of spaghetti – any brand

1 bottle of  tomato puree (specially for bolognese) – any brand

2 shallot – minced

Method (a brief one) :-

1) Heat 2 tablespoon oil on pan

2) Brown minced shallot then add in the packet of minced chicken. Stir-fry till brown.

3) Add in 3/4 of the 750g (bottle) sauce into the pan. Add in water as desired.

Slowly boil & stir it well for around 10-15 minutes. If its too dry, do add water.

4) While waiting the sauce to cook; boil the mussel & noodles till its cooked. Make sure you have enough water to boil the noodles. (water must cover up noodles)

5) Ready to be serve.

taaa daahh….this is how it looks

a closer view

Hubby’s comment:- Nice…but abit dry. Can still improve.

Mummy’s comment:- Should add in some fresh tomatoes & tomato sauce for the extra taste.

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