This is an outdated post actually. It was on October 2009. I decided to blog on it now. Sweet memories are always the memorable ones. Kinda misses it now… Despite that; it meant 1 year is just ‘sap sap sui’. Really fast…..and its already September 2010 now.

It was a short getaway after our wedding.

We bought the room voucher during MATTA fair at the price of RM410 for the water chalet room. (rooms are built just above the sea). Inclusive of buffet breakfast for two. Avillion is located in Port Dickson, which is just approximately 30 minutes drive from my home.

We spent a night of relaxing & pampering ourselves here.

I would say its a prefect resort for me so far. A place which I hope to visit again. The room is clean, the surrounding is comfy, good environment and nice view.  We had a great time there….really hoping for something similar this year!!  😉

our room. unfortunately the rooms were quite occupied that day. we got no choice but to choose 2 single beds instead of 1 big bed.

view from the verandah

the bathroom. the opened-air shower is the best part or unique one.

there was a beach side wedding held on that night. Its so lovely…

changed into swimsuit and hooped into the adult’s pool. There are 2 swimming pools actually. Well….the adult pool is much better…less crowd.

night view of the other pool which located next to the restaurant. Had our supper there.

buffet breakfast….food not bad though

visited the mini petting zoo

feeding the cute & lovely pets

After the breakfast, zoo, we walked over to the beach. While relax, enjoyed the beautiful sandy beach .

-the end-

say goodbye~~~~

Avillion Port Dickson

3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai,

71000 Port Dickson,

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel : +606-647 6688

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