Instant Udon

The easy peasy instant food always gets the popularity as its fuss free and time saving. Yea; and its not healthy though. We used to have instant noodles with assorted flavors; instant soup; instant rice and etc….(too many to list).

Here; there’s instant udon (with kimchi flavor); my first time encountered it. Bought it from Jusco Midvalley during the Korea Fair. Another place which you could get it is at Isetan. (Spotted it last weekend). This instant udon is just similar to those instant noodles which we usually sees.

Net weight of 210g. Comes with seasoning sachets. It printed there; its 98% fat free. Wonder how true is that. Add in your desired ingredients (meat, vegetables). Cook it for less than 5 minutes.

So; what do you think? Looks tempting though??

I personally feels that its quite nice….but again; don’t eat too often. Not healthy lar….  😉

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