Switch Stickers

Nowadays people are getting more creative. They can come up with all sorts of ideas. People are really into DIY now. Then; they have wall stickers. Now; they even have switch stickers. Got curious and somehow purchased few of it. Bought them with the price of RM3 per piece. Its simple and easy to get it done.

assorted designs – good quality

instructions printed at the back of the sticker

Now; I’m showing the live demo. Hahaha…Got my mom as the model…  😉

1) Get a pen knife. Clean the dust and stain on the switch before you apply sticker. Remove the base of sticker. Adjust the sticker’s position & paste loosely from top to bottom.

2) Make sure the switch button is on “OFF” position and cut the upper part on the “ON OFF” line.

3) Make the switch button “ON” position and cut the bottom part of “ON OFF” line.

4) Press hardly to remove bubbles.


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