Nowadays; there are so many types of mooncakes. So many types of flavors or filling too. Sorry; I do not bake nor made any mooncakes. I just know how to eat only….muahahaha…

Ordered a box of jelly/agar-agar mooncake from my colleague’s friend. Its a homemade basis. I assumed it should be non-preservative. It comes in a box containing 4 pieces of mooncake with different flavors and fillings with the price of RM15. Quite cheap right? I like the texture of it. Not too sweet though.

a box of 4

It look so colorful & attracting

red bean paste filling

green peas paste filling

mango flavor skin with mango extract filling

dragon fruit filling

I like this the most! very fruity taste

4 thoughts on “The colorful JELLY MOONCAKE”

  1. Hey, d mooncakes look good. I love jelly mooncakes too. Wonders if your friend still take orders coz would like to buy from her.

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