mooncakes from YONG SHENG

Mooncake/ mid-autumn festival is just a within few days. Alex bought a box of mooncake from YONG SHENG; Taipan’s outlet. My first time heard of this name was during my wedding preparations. I was told that their ‘kah lui peng’ has nice packaging or nice gifts set. Am trying their mooncakes now. It does have unique flavors. Allow me to intro and comment each of it.  😉

the box and the reusable bag

a box of 4

containing mix fruits nuts, nyonya sambal, moonlight kiss, passion for life.

nyonya sambal mooncake

This is the best seller mooncake. Contains dried shrimp sambal with lotus paste filling. Initially I thought the combination is weird; but after tasted it….its quite nice actually.

moonlight kiss mooncake

This mooncake has purple sweet potatoes filling. I like the taste of it.

mix fruits nuts

contains alot of nuts. somehow; I don’t like it. May be cos I’m not used to the taste of it…It tasted abit like ‘kai jai peng’

passion for life

This is a very unique one. The filling of first layer is white lotus, second is ice-blended and third layer has the taste of braised pork, which I thought it was ‘mung bean’. Not bad too….

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