Dinner @ Restoran Win Loy

We celebrated Michele’s birthday earlier.

Had a simple dinner at Restoran Win Loy which is located just a few minutes drive from home at Seremban 2.


This restaurant is usually crowded during weekends. At around 7pm, you can see that the restaurant is almost full with customers. The food served was quite fast. We ordered a few ordinary Chinese cuisine and some are their signature dish.


cili padi & chopped garlic served with the dishes.


ku lou yuk/ sweet & sour pork – RM8


铁板豆腐 tit pan tau fu – RM8


stir fry 菜胆 – RM10


yin yang chicken (thai style chicken & lemon chicken) – RM18 (recommended)


Siong Tong Lala (Lala in Superior Stock) – RM15

I kinda like this dish. The soup flavored with ginger shreds, chillies and rice wine.


Deep Fried Squid with Salted Egg – RM10

This is their signature dish. I find it quite yummy. Especially when it was served hot.


FOOD : 4/5

PRICE : 4/5




Restoran Win Loy
119,Jalan S2 D30,City Centre,Seremban 2,70300 Seremban
Tel: Nick 012-2112787 , 辉 016-6582727, 华 016-6516500


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