An Early Christmas Celebration….@ Pho Co Seremban

Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells….


Christmas is just around the corner. We have planned an early Christmas celebration cum Christmas gifts exchange.



Sin Wei suggested a theme. We shall all dress in either red or white color.

“I will come in RED lar”; I told Sin Wei.


The present ones were Sin Wei, Joanne, Tracy, Kristy, Siew Yen & myself.

Apparently; there’s a newly opened(few months ago) Vietnamese Restaurant in Oakland. They served Vietnamese cuisine and steamboat. Therefore Tracy suggested to try their steamboat.


looks clean & bright


sauces for dipping


Passion Fruit Drink – RM4.50


Vietnam Coffee


sorry…I’ve forgotten the name.Its the ingredients for ‘fresh spring roll’.

See Below


Given a sheet of rice paper. Place the ingredients(mee hoon, sliced meat, lettuce, carrot, bean sprout)  in the middle. Add some sauce.


Roll it as above.


We ordered the steamboat meal for 3 person. RM18/ person.

The steamboat portion is big. Enough for 6 of us.

The steamboat consist of sliced chicken, pork balls, sliced fish meat, cuttlefish, enoki mushroom, prawns, crabstick, taufu, cabbage, taufupok.


and also mee hoon & eggs.


The soup base is very tasty. It has slices of starfruit.


Boil it in the soup base.


The shop owner was so kind to help us to take a group photo ^^



After the meal; we are all set for the gifts exchange. Wrote our names on the paper. Then each of us draw our gift.

Presents from all of us!



Excited or Meeting???


Below are everyone’s photo with their respective gift. Macam IC photo…..  :-p

Kristy got Mel’s gift


Joanne got Siew Yen’s gift


Sin Wei got Joanne’s gift


Tracy got Kristy’s gift


Siew Yen got Sin Wei’s gift


Mel got Tracy’s gift


Everyone seems to like this very much.


My favorite photo


My favorite shot




No. 68b, Lorong Haruan 5/3,

Oakland Commercial Square,

70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.


Ms. Chong : 017-6715995






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