I Miss My………

Last night, I attended my ex-colleague’s wedding in a Chinese Restaurant with good ambiance. As usual, the host will play some slide shows to the guests while waiting for the dinner to begin. From the moment they started to play the slide show of the couple’s pre-wedding photos, it reminds me of my wedding. Yes, no doubt my eyes were watching it, but my mind was like replaying my own wedding. Everything seems like a flash back to me. :- had a memorable pre-wed photo session, walked down the aisle, the wine toasting(yum sengggg…) and lots more. In fact, each wedding I attended also gave me the warm feeling and memories. Looks like I miss my wedding very much. Perhaps; was the once and only beautiful moment on that pretty white wedding gown.


On my Actual Wedding Day (26 September 2009)


My Pre-Wedding Photos…..love looking through each and every piece of it.

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