McD 2 Free Big Breakfast

McD has came up with the idea of 2 Free Big Breakfast with purchase of RM5. All you need is just download & print the coupon. The promo ends on 31 March. My brother came home with the printed coupon and suggested to have McD breakfast on Saturday. The breakfast is serve from 4am to 11am daily.  There are only 2 McD in Seremban which serves breakfast. – Terminal 1 and Senawang. Therefore we chose Terminal 1 as it is nearer to my house.


We were there at 10am to make our purchase. However we waited about 20 minutes for our breakfast set to be served. That was because there were too many orders.


The printed coupon which enable us to save RM13.80 for 2 Free Big Breakfast (without drinks)


Look at the crowd. Usually there aren’t that many people during breakfast. But now with the coupon of free breakfast; so what do you expect.


Freshly brewed Premium Coffee with free refills

I like it to be with creamer


2 Hot Pancakes – RM5.50

Mummy likes the pancakes as it is fluffy & not too sweet


McD Big Breakfast

consists of Scramble Egg, English Muffins(crisp exterior with soft texture), Grilled Chicken Sausage and Hash Brown.



2 thoughts on “McD 2 Free Big Breakfast”

  1. If I still live in Malaysia, I will print a lot of these ones specially where I lived before in PJ, McD’s is just below our apartment. I love their Sausage McMuffins

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