Lunch with Tracy @ Restoran Asia

Tracy came by my office to meet me up for lunch. She misses the laksa so much ever since the previous lunch we had there. (Around 1 month ago). Therefore she suggested to have the same laksa for lunch. I second the idea too. *smiles*

Restoran Asia, is quite famous in Seremban. Popularity came from its laksa! There are 2 Restoran Asia in Seremban (both are related). One is located at Rahang, while the main one is located at Senawang. At times, people do debate on which is nicer. However the Senawang branch has more varieties other than laksa, they do have ‘yong tau fu’ and nasi lemak. Unlike the Rahang branch which solely on laksa.

I do not fancy laksa with too thick gravy. Means too rich in coconut milk. But this is different. The curry gravy is rich in flavor even though not just depending on coconut milk itself. The chili paste that they use is good.  If you wish to purchase the chili paste, its for sale at RM5.50 per container.

an old building

an old-style coffee shop

Price starts from RM3.50(S), RM4.00(M), RM4.30(L)

Price may vary depending on what additional items you add on. Example; minced pork, char siew, curry chicken, egg. Besides that, you may also choose your choice of noodle. Selection of mee hoon, lou shu fun(my fav!), egg noodle and kuey teow.

Tracy’s order. Mee Hoon with char siew and egg along with taufu pok & bean sprout

My order. Lou Shu Fun with minced pork, cockles (my fav!) along with taufu pok & bean sprout

check it out in a closer view

Look at the less-oily curry broth yet still rich in flavors!

Restoran Asia is at 364, Jalan Tok Ungku, Seremban, opposite the Rahang post office.

7 thoughts on “Lunch with Tracy @ Restoran Asia”

  1. Adoi…. Early morning came check out any new thing on your blog and i saw this! So sinful man!!! I haven’t had breakfast neh….. walau…. lau hao sui oredy……

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