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My 2nd Camera Bag

I like taking photos, but am not a photographer. Its just the passion in me. Therefore at times, I’m carrying a camera bag as frequent as a ladies handbag. To store my one and only precious cam.

Am a proud owner of my CRUMPLER 5 Million Dollar Home. – a very durable camera bag which I first own back at year 2010. Since camera bag has became my regular usage, therefore I want something more fashionable. Where it matches my dressing when I go for any outing.

A net friend suggested me to this online shopping website. (for fashionista photographers). Thanking him, I found what I want!

With an affordable price of RM120, I purchased a nice camera bag, just as what I’m looking for……

The front view.

(Dimension : Length 34 CM x Height 22.5 CM x Width 12.5 CM)

Back View – with wide slip pocket.

Adjustable Strap & Stylish Buckles.

With 2 front pockets, I can store my compact powder, lip balm, a tube of mint lozenge, face tissue and also a cellphone.

Its spacious. Able to fit my 550D and also additional 1 to 2 mid range zoom lens. The thick cotton inner padding is removable too.

How does it look? Not bad huh…..

Interested? Refer to this page—-> FAME CHeRRY :: taste the sweetness

Kungfu Panda TUMBO

Another item added into my collection.

My recent movie on last Saturday was Fast and Furious 5 together with Alex. And also Marcus. Yea right…I know we were quite far behind from the first day of screening. Just want to conclude that it was an awesome movie which don’t get you bored….in fact…every episodes are equally good! Worth watching…Marcus said, he is going to buy the original DVD once it arrives here.

Usually we watches movie on Saturdays at TGV. And also not forgetting the sodas, chips or popcorn while watching it. While we were queuing to make our purchase, I saw this  Kungfu Panda TUMBO displayed at the counter. I was so excited as in jumping for joy seeing it. I felt that its cute and special. A drink cup and a popcorn cup attached together, where you can all detach them. I insisted Alex to purchase it!! He replied with; OMG!! you are just the same like a ‘BIG KID’. Duhh…’big kid’ term for me?? Doesn’t matter anyway… *GRIN*

Nah…Kungfu Panda 2 movie is not showing yet.  Purchased this Kungfu Panda TUMBO set of drink & popcorn for RM14.90. In future I can fill it with chips & soda while watching movie at home….. weeeeee….

The Proud Owner of “Ms. Whitey”

Last Friday, Ms. Whitey has finally arrived Malaysia, the day I’ve been longing for. It has been such a long wait ever since it was launched in US. Was keeping track on the updates on almost each day.

It was a happening day on every APPLE outlet! About the queues, the crowds, the number of units sold. I guess, I don’t need to explain much on the specs, you can easily refer it from Apple- iPad.

No doubt; I purposely made my way from Seremban to KL just for this. Felt its worth it though. However without the help from my friends, I wouldn’t be getting it much easier. Thank you! (not going to disclose their names here).

Ms. Whitey, the iPad2

Love the improved features Apple made on iPad2. Now that I can do Facetime with my buddies!!

Since, “Angry Bird” is such a hit now, therefore I’ve downloaded it too! Quite fun too.Yeah… I don’t need to play tweety bird anymore…hahaha…

**Sorry Ms. Whitey, I yet to get any suitable clothes for you. Will try to get a nice one soon ya..**

My new CRUMPLER 5 Million Dollar Home

Yea….this year’s birthday present from Alex is a camera bag!! As I’ve wished..

I’ve wanted a CRUMPLER bag to store my camera, easier for me to carry it around. CRUMPLER is known for its trendiness & stylish designs. The only place which I can purchase it over in KL is at KLCC. Some might think that

5 Million Dollar Home might be quite small… But I think the size is good enough for me. Not too huge. If too huge, I afraid I will be lazy to carry it around. :-p  Yeap, I did tried on the 6 Million Dollar Home; but I felt that it looks rather huge on me….hahaha…

Therefore I picked 5 Million Dollar Home. Which comes in 4 colors. (Black, Grey, Green & Brown). The price for this bag is RM259. Its cheaper than shashinki(an online camera shop) by RM40.

I picked the Grey one…

adjustable divider. good protection with cushion

many compartments


Crumpler KLCC
Lot 321-B, Level 3,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur,

+603 – 2161 2160

Monday – Sunday
(10:00am – 10:00pm)