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Scarborough Fish and Chips @Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

Before this, I read many positive reviews about Scarborough Fish and Chips at Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi. Many claimed that their Fish & Chips is very nice.

Therefore during my recent trip to Langkawi, I pay a visit here for some light snacks. Tanjung Rhu is at another end of Langkawi island. Hence driving from Kuah to Scarborough Fish and Chips restaurant, it may take about 30 minutes drive.


This restaurant is quite secluded, road was rather empty and quiet. With few units of chalets along the road. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is located 1.2km away from this restaurant.
Scarborough Fish and Chips restaurant is the blue color house. But you may miss it if you didn’t aware of its signage.


Apart from the fish & chips, the restaurant is located along the beach (Andaman Sea) which is a bonus point.


Apparently Fish & Chips is the specialty here. Made to order with not only one type of fish. But varies from Dory to Salmon which allows diners to choose according to their budget.

On menu, apart from fish there are also choice of meat, pizza and snacks. Not forgetting they also serve an affordable breakfast set from RM10 onward.


I ordered the Deep Fried Snow Fish – RM30.


2 slabs of fish battered with tempura flour was served hot. Flavors was good and its fresh. As you can see it is served with home made chips and some mixed salad as sides.


I also ordered some Chicken Nuggets (RM12) for the kids. The chicken nuggets are not the processed meat that we got from fast food restaurant. But its made of real chicken meat. It was crispy and tender. The kids love it.


The beach here is definitely less touristy compared to Pantai Cenang. Seawater was translucent clear that I could see tiny fishes swimming ashore.

Such a relaxing view. Serene and breathtaking, even the dog is enjoying his relaxing life.


Love this selfie shot I took with the dog. Feel so lovely. A very friendly dog I met. Probably owned by the restaurant owner. 🙂

Scarborough Fish and Chips Restaurant

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 21:00 Location: Lot 1388, Jalan Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi
Tel: +604 959 4667

*solely based on writer's own opinion*

Dinner & Sunset @Yellow Cafe Langkawi

I did some homework few days before traveling to Langkawi. Just in case I do not want to end up paying hefty price for some lousy food.

I found out about this place which located along Pantai Cenang having quite a numbers of positive feedback in terms of environment and food. Therefore this place has to be in my itenary. Yellow Cafe is like a hidden gem. Without a signboard of its name, I doubt I could locate it. It is situated beside Langkapuri Inn passing through the rooms of Langkapuri Inn to locate this cafe.

The owner of this cafe decided to name his cafe as Yellow Cafe based on a nickname ‘Yello’ he gotten from Thailand. Simple and easy to remember isn’t it?

Using yellow as its theme color, we are expecting to see yellow here and there. 😀 😀

“Yellow Cafe is divided into three dining concepts: the Steak House Restaurant is comprised of an indoor section with dark wooden furnishings; the Cocktail Bar offers large comfortable sofas, while the Beach Front Lounge is perfect for lounging with a number of triangle Thai pillows, plush beanbags, and hammocks.”

My friend and I decided to sit here and this was our view. I could feel the fine sand below my feet. 🙂

You can also watch the ongoing beach activities. E.g: para sailing, banana boat.

Our surrounding.

A cold beer with nice view feels so good.

At Yellow Cafe, they served mostly western food. Considering this area as tourist spot, the food prices are considered affordable. Their non pictorial menu was rather simple and straight forward.

We ordered a 12″(30cm) size pizza. I chose Tacchino (Turkey Ham, Mozarella, Olives, mushroom, tomato sauce) RM31

The pizza had a very thin crust. Buttery & crisp. The toppings were sufficient to cover every slices of pizza we had.

There were only 2 types of spaghetti served here. The bolognaise would be rather common. Therefore I chose the latter. I ordered for Spaghetti Serena (Chicken & Mushroom)RM24

The al-dente spaghetti was tasty, creamy but not cloyed. The amount of mushrooms and chicken were quite generous too.

Both dishes were on sharing basis. I enjoyed the food here. The food prices here ranges from RM20 – RM60.

The atmosphere here at night.

During peak periods, the cafe also hosts live bands performing a variety of music genres such as reggae and salsa.

Well, be prepare for the sunset view. The sunset here was around 7.30pm. Quite late huh..

The sunset at ‘Andaman Sea’

Beautiful, isn’t it?

*nice stuffs are worth waiting, but they won’t stay long either*

Yellow Cafe Langkawi

*pork free*
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday 11:00 – 01:00 (closed on Tuesday)
  • Address: Pantai Cenang, PO Box 121, 07000 Langkawi
  • Tel: +6012 459 3190

Dinner @Unkaizen Japanese Restaurant, Langkawi

Talking about Japanese food, there aren’t much choices compared to Chinese and Thai food which are easily sighted in Langkawi island. I’ve read many positive reviews about Unkaizen Japanese Restaurant from guests who’ve visited the restaurant. And we were aware about the steep price as mentioned by others.

What made us decided to come here for dinner on our 2nd day at Langkawi?

Its a famous restaurant in Langkawi. Based on the compliments and the best thing was that our staying place, Ambong Ambong is just a walking distance to Unkaizen. Although we stayed so near, I also made a reservation before hand. In order to secure a table with nice view.


This is what I meant by nice view. Seated at upper floor facing Pantai Tengah.


Wooden cover menu. Straight forward menu with not many photos attached. But the friendly and attentive staff will be there to assist you and also will inform you what’s today’s special on board. Varies daily.

IMG_6055An overall outlook of the upper floor. Occupying only 8 tables and with tatami seating. You are required to remove your shoe.


When I’m dining in a Japanese restaurant, I preferred to have their Green Tea (Ocha) – RM4 for 2 person.


Us at Unkaizen Japanese Restaurant.


We ordered 2 different sets. The above one is Sashimi (Full) Set – RM70. Comes with 3 different types of sashimi. For the (Full) set, it comes together with white rice, miso soup, pickles, chawanmushi and cut fruits. I must admit that the thick slices of sashimi were so fresh and the texture is very smooth. Each and every slice were nicely cut.


Then the 2nd set we ordered was Sushi Set – RM58. Comes with assorted sushi and hot noodle. Choice of Soba or Udon. The nicely pressed sushi rice were topped with thick slices of raw fish. This was equally good as well.

IMG_6068We chose soba instead of udon. However I preferred the Hot Soba from Rakuzen, KL. 😉


Teppanyaki Ice Cream – RM10. Choose your favorite fruits from the menu for this teppanyaki ice cream. They uses homemade ice cream. You can also add more than 1 type of fruits. But there will be additional charges. Milky and smooth teppanyaki ice cream with bits of strawberry. Because I chose strawberry. Too bad the ice cream melted quite fast.

IMG_6074This is where they prepare the teppanyaki ice cream. You can watch how they are prepared. How come they didn’t call me to watch wan? *sobs…..


Aquariums filled with fresh and live seafood. These seafood can be prepared in few ways. Eat as Sashimi (raw), Shioyaki (grilled with salt), Teriyaki (grilled with sweet sauce), Teppanyaki (grilled on hot plate) , Deep fried.


The night view of Unkaizen Japanese Restaurant.

For Ambong Ambong guests, you’ll be entitled to 10% discount off total bill. We weren’t aware of this offer until we settle our bill at the cashier. Nice place to savour some good Japanese food. However I felt that the dining room at upper floor has poor ventilation. Why I said that? The guest who sat next to our table had this charcoal grill meat. In result, the whole room was so smokey even after the windows were open. Its like the smoke is trapped in the room. *Unpleasant*

Unkaizen Japanese Restaurant

Lot395 Jalan Telok Baru Pantai Tengah

07000 Langkawi Kedah Malaysia

Operating Hours: 6pm to 11pm (Close on the 2nd Wednesday)

Tel : 604-955-4118

Dinner @Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang is a tourist spot. Therefore do not expect for dirt cheap seafood here.

My proposed plan did not work. We had to make a quick decision on where should we have our dinner. We wanted to have some seafood. Although there are quite a number of seafood restaurants along Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang, but we do not want to step into a restaurant blindly without knowing the price range. Therefore I quickly browse for recommendations through Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor has been a very useful website to me. I find the reviews are quite genuine especially on hotels.

Looks like Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant is an ideal choice with many positive reviews. It is located further down from Underwater World if you are coming from Pantai Tengah. It was less than 5 minutes driving distance.


The restaurant is brightly lit and the environment was not bad.


The restaurant was almost filled up with customers and majority are tourists. But getting a table for only 2 ain’t a problem. 😉

Sometimes I felt it is kinda difficult to decide what to order when there are only 2 eaters. Its like you wanting to try varieties of dishes and at the same time you do not want to end up with food wastage.

I assumed because the kitchen need to handle alot of orders..therefore our food was delivered abit slow. Waited for about 30minutes. You know right..when you are tend to be ‘quite’ impatient. LOL!


Pick your own fishes.


Erm….Crab are priced at RM80/kg?!! OMG!


Fresh and live lobsters. Look tempting. You can ask the staff to fetch any of this lobster and they weight it and priced according to its weight.


My small glass of orange juice.

IMG_5763Omelette with Oyster – RM12

Not memorable. The oysters were kinda small.


Fried Squid – RM18

Crispy batter and the squid was not rubbery. Fried till perfection.


Butter Prawn – RM18

The prawn size weren’t too small. Most important is that they are fresh! Therefore the prawns were crunchy. Average 6nos. of prawn.


Tom Yam Chicken – RM15

Not really big bowl, but sufficient for 2 eaters. This hot, spicy and sourish soup was really appetizing.

Overall..I find this place may be a good choice when you are at Pantai Cenang. We were quite satisfied with the above dinner. The prices for the above food consider affordable. Not too pricey. But if you fancy some Thai flavors cooking…do make a turn into Kuah Town and try this place; Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood.

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant
Lot 1225, Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, West Malaysia.

Tel: +604-955 4128

Open Daily: 11.00am – 3.00pm    6.00pm – 11.00pm

Dinner @ Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Eat Drink Laugh…. Another feast before we fly back to KL the following day. Yet another Thai Restaurant located in Kuah Town. Probably because Langkawi is located quite near to Thailand. Therefore they are quite influenced by their culture. This restaurant is located just next to Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood Restaurant   which we had our dinner on the 1st night. Aparently Wonderland Seafood Restaurant which is well recommended also located on the same row. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to try, as it was closed during our visit.

Lookin through the menu, the prices are more or less the same as Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood.

The well-lit restaurant with a bright signboard good to attracts attention.

Assorted Seafood. Order and get them cook the way u preferred (choose the cooking method from menu).

The unhappy crabs. “Hey…you better get your hands off me…grrrr..kiap kiap…kiap”

Quite crowded too…

Stir Fry Bean Sprout with Salted Fish – RM16 (L)

Started off with a not so nice dish. I would prefer if more salted fish were added in. Here I may need a magnifying glass to find the pieces of salted fish.

Belacan Kangkung – RM16 (L)

This was good. I like the belacan fragrant along with the vege.

Claypot Tofu – RM20 (L)

Prawn Salad in Spicy, Salty & Sour Taste – RM60

Wow…so many types of flavors in a plate of prawns. Must be surprising huh. Its more like the Thai Kerabu taste. I like it too. Moreover the prawns are quite big and fresh. No wonder it cost RM60 just for this. *eyes open widely*

Steamed Seabass in Teochew style – RM45 (price varies depending on type of fish and weight)

I like this fish gravy very much. I treated it like a soup. It has sourish taste from the plum & hotness from the julienne ginger.

Fried Balitung – RM20

Thai Style Chicken – RM20 (L)

Food : 3.5 /5 (pork free)

Service : 3.5/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant

204 & 205, Jalan Kelana Mas,
07000 Kuah,

Telephone Number : +6012-4762329

Opening Hours : 5.30PM – 3AM

Buffet Dinner @ Awana Porto Malai Langkawi

After spending some time at Pantai Cenang in the evening, we then headed to Awana Porto Malai Langkawi for sight seeing. This hotel certainly not strict to strangers getting into their premises. Unlike “The Datai Langkawi”, where we got questioned by the security guard before we could enter the resort. I wouldn’t blame them for the tight security. I suppose, its a luxury resort.

As I know, Awana Porto Malai Langkawi has many Yachts parked around its sea. That would make it a nice sea scenery to me.  Ooppss….I wouldn’t say sea, it should be Lagoon. Anyway, a couple of nice shots would be prefect for me. A quiet and cosy resort too. Apart from enjoying the nice view, we decided to have our dinner there at Boardwalk Cafe.

Too bad..ain’t any sunset shots here.. Perhaps, I need should a night here and wake up much earlier to view the sun rise.

The night view. The tall white tower is the light house.

photo stolen from Hung

The Starters. Of salads and dressing.

An array of food trays.

Fried Yellow Mee

Long Beans

Fried Chili Fish Fillet – best dish!

***My deepest apology to you..for forgetting all the names for the dishes above***

DESSERT TIME! Unfortunately, there were not much choices. *sigh*

Chocolate Brownie with Walnut.

Chocolate Cake

Food : 2.5/5 (The food selections and taste did not satisfied me. Food are pretty normal too)

Service : 3/5

Ambiance : 3.5/5

Awana Porto Malai Langkawi
Tanjung Malai,
07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Telephone: (604) 955 5111
Facsimile: (604) 955 5222

Dinner @ Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood, Langkawi

We were in Langkawi for 3 nights. We put up in a budget hotel  named AZIO located in Kuah Town, Langkawi. Though its a budget hotel, it looks entirely new and most important it is clean. With just RM98/ night, what can you expect more.

Upon checking in to our respective rooms and had a quick bath, it was already 8pm. Everyone of us got so hungry by then. (like a tiger) Wouldn’t want to waste time searching for good food; therefore we asked the hotel staff for recommendation. (yea…blame me for being lazy to do homework). The hotel staff suggested this place, Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood. Which is just about 10 minutes drive from our hotel.

It was quite crowded. So, I assume the food must be good!

Egg with Vege – RM13 (taste normal)

Kailan with Salted Fish – RM15

Sambal Kangkung – RM15

Dried Chili  Clams – RM25 (thumbs up!)

Sambal Paste Squid – RM25

Black Pepper Venison – RM30 (thumbs up!)

Salted Egg Prawn – RM38 (recommended)

I love this dish very much. Not only the prawns are fresh, it taste good too. The salted eggs are well coated on each prawn.

Seabass Steamed with Thai Style Soup – RM40 (price varies depending on type of fish and weight)

Another good dish of the night. I assumed this may be their signature fish. Noticed that almost every table had this served on their table. Anyway, it does taste good! Especially the soup/ gravy. Sour and Spicy. *just couldn’t resist*

served with the burning coal to maintain the heat.

Initially we wanted to order some crabs. After looking at the price, we felt that its kinda overpriced – RM60/kg. Moreover the crabs that night, were pretty small.

(NOTE : All the dish above are served for 9 person)

Food : 4/5 (pork free) ~ (everyone had a wide smile on their face)

Service : 4/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Price : Affordable (depending on what you order. cross check the price list before confirming your order.)

 Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood

206 & 207, Jalan Kelana Mas,
07000 Kuah,

Telephone Number : +6012-5637093 / +6017-4251150

Opening Hours : 5PM – 12AM