Dinner @ MATSU Japanese Restaurant, Seremban

I recently fall in love with Sashimi (raw fish) especially on Salmon.<—-My latest Affection!!

Once again I would like to emphasize, in Seremban there aren’t much choices of Japanese Restaurant. (Sushi King is not counted). An authentic ones I shall say. This restaurant happens to be located near my house and has been operating for few years. Business is quite good too…(like wise I said not much choices ma).

My first visit was years back (wahhh….sounded so long ler). And this was my second visit. Wanting to try some sashimi lor…salmon perhaps.  *wink*

Located in the middle of  a row of 2-storey shops.

Simple interior deco

warm lighting with some Japs feel (style)

Chef at work! The open kitchen concept.

wah..got newspaper cuttings from local news publications..

We took sometime to study the menu as they offers extensive menu.

Itacho Omakase Sashimi – RM110 (Chef’s Recommendation*)

This plate of sashimi embedded with  julienne white radish recommended by chef for serving of 2. The price gave me a shock. However, I wouldn’t deny that the raw fish are indeed very fresh . (still missing it). – satisfied the hungry woman.

Tori Teppanyaki – RM19.80 (recommended)

The pieces of chicken meat were nicely pan-fried. Taste good & the meat are tender too. Served together with some bean sprout. I recalled the bean sprout fat and crunchy.

Garlic Fried Rice – RM7.80 (recommended)

A simple fried rice with egg and light soya sauce. Garnished with chopped golden brown garlic and spring onion. Couldn’t resist the nice fragrant of the rice. Served warm!

Asari Miso Shiru – RM7

Miso soup with clams. I find that the soup more on the salty side.

Chawa Mushi – RM5.80

A normal chawa mushi(steamed egg) with slices of mushroom.

Food :  4/5

Service : 4/5

Price : I find it quite expensive ler….

MATSU Japanese Restaurant

No.40, Jalan S2/ B18,

Biz Avenue, Seremban 2,

70300 Seremban, N.S.D.K.

Tel: 06-601 7332

2 thoughts on “Dinner @ MATSU Japanese Restaurant, Seremban”

  1. i am a marketing manager from matsu restorant…
    thanks for compliment my restrorant..
    we will open new outlet at Port Dicson water front…
    see you around…

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