PappaRich has arrived Seremban

Papparich has now landed in Seremban town!! Something to glamor about lor…For the past whole month, its always crowded. Especially during peak hours. New stuff, new place, everyone will be buzzing there. I remembered there’s one night, I went there with my mom & brother at about 9pm. We need to wait to get a seat. Not only that, I wasn’t dare to order any food (worried I may need to wait long). Therefore all 3 of us only ordered drinks. Hence it took 30 minutes for the drinks to be served!! Quite pissed oso lar…Moreover they hired mostly foreign workers…it was like a hen talking to duck (kai tung arp kong). He don’t understand my question and I hardly understand his reply….. DUHHHHH

Last Saturday, Sin Wei and I met up for breakfast. As a token of appreciation, she offered to treat me breakfast at Papparich.  Ahh..that would be good enough.

You would much prefer to dine in the morning. We were there at 9am and there were only few tables of customers.

Dry Koay Teow with Prawns & Chicken Slices – RM9.90

Flat rice noodles served with tasty sweet sauce, prawns and chicken slices.

Teochew Chicken Siew Mai – RM5.80 (so so only)

Pappa Wholemeal Steam with Margarine & Kaya – RM4.20

Coffee – RM3.20

Milo Dinosaur – RM5.50 (recommended)

PappaRich Seremban 2
No. 339 & 340, Jalan 2 B8,
Seksyen B, Seremban 2
70100 Seremban
Tel: +606 6011 686
Website : PappaRich

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