BBQ Dinner @ Trader’s Food Shop, Avillion Admiral Cove

As promised earlier; I will blog about my dinner treat at Avillion Admiral Cove.  That night,we decided to try its BBQ Buffet. Its a nice location. Because you may enjoy the nice view of marina while enjoying your meal. But during buffet, how often lar you will go enjoy the scenary…*LOL!* Moreover you hardly choose to sit outdoor…not scared digigit nyamuk meh..

The weekends buffet dinner begins at 6pm. Price is at RM60++

I preferred to be seated indoor (with air condition). Which is more comfortable.

The Salad Line

Pickles and Salad Dressing. Waa…I spotted cincalok. Do you like it?

Salted Fish / Ikan Masin

Wanted to warm up my stomach, I took a bowl of soup noodles served with bean sprout, fish cakes, slices of chicken and some spring onions. Too bad the soup was not warm enough for me. & tasted abit bland too.

Alex eagerly went to get some satay. Which has the longest queue. Worth the queue. Because it really taste good. Juicy and tender chicken meat. Not much fats either. We went second round for this satay.

Grill Sambal Sting Ray

BBQ Chicken Wings & Sausages

The wings have good aroma. Just that it would taste better if they could adjust the salt level. The flesh tasted abit bland.

The Grilled Lamb was good. Tender and tasty. I like it to be covered up with black pepper sauce. You may also choose mushroom sauce.

Sweet & Spicy Grilled Crab

Grilled Prawns – Prawns are fresh!

Porridge with Condiments. I like the combi! The porridge is smooth.

Tom Yam Seafood – Was not pleased with the soup.

Gosh…I wasn’t aware! Its almost half gone. Luckily Chef Ignatius, the Executive Chef was kind enough. He replenished this bowl of fresh mussel just for me to capture another nice shot! A friendly chef indeed. He is very cautious. He seems to check the food on the buffet line every now and then.

replenishing in progress……

Fresh Mussels (After its replenished)

Chef thought me how to differentiate between both colors of mussels. The white and orange ones. Apparently, the ‘white’ is male. While the ‘orange’ is female.

Tosai with Dhal Curry & Sambal

In buffets; the most anticipated part for me would be cakes and desserts. Unfortunately over here the choices are limited.

Traders’ Food Shop
Avillion Admiral Cove
Batu 5 1/2, Jalan Pantai,
71050 Si Rusa, Port Dickson.
Tel: 06-647 0888

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