Dinner @ Restoran Bubur Manis Zhuan Kee

There are times I much prefer hawker food. Hawker food can be nice too…

What’s popular here? What are attracting most of the crowd? The ‘pan min’ or ‘min fun kou’ . I preferred ‘min fun kou’ than ‘pan min’. Besides that, they also served good tong sui with an affordable price(RM1.20-RM1.50). Types of tong sui that they usually have are; red bean soup, mung bean soup,  fu chuk yi mai (beancurd sheets and barley soup), bubur cha cha, sweet potato soup, ‘Mak Chuk’ (Wheat Porridge), Hak Lo Mai (Black Glutinous Rice).  This place was formerly located just a short distance away; at a small food court which has  torn down and now turned into a ‘lalang’ place. *what a waste*

I still remember us (usually with my siblings, or my neighbor) we walked there to ‘dapao’. Because we live nearby. Back then; a bowl of ‘min fun kou’ was only RM1.60. But that was 10 years ago…. Now the price has doubled!

Still so crowded as usual. Business hour starts from around 6pm till late night.

Wu Tau Kou (Yam Cake)

Papaya with White Fungus Tong Sui – RM1.20

A refreshing and has cooling effect soup. Boiled with jujube, white fungus and shredded papaya.

Bubur Cha Cha – RM1.50

A creamy bowl of bubur cha cha with flavorful coconut milk. Boiled with sago, sweet potato and cubes of yam.

Min Fun Kou – RM3.70 (Medium)

Though it may look simple, but the broth is tasty and flavorful. Topped with crispy fried anchovies. Must be eaten with cili padi!!!

Hakka Mee

Not bad. But of course ‘Tow Kee’ is still the best! *Laughs*

Pork Satay -RM0.60 each

The meat was grilled to perfection. Meat is tender and juicy yet tasty. Nice ler…Not much of fats too…Likey**

Food : 8/10

Service : 7/10 (though its so crowded, but the food served were quite fast)

Price : Affordable

Restoran Bubur Manis Zhuan Kee

No. 3437, Jalan RJ Utama 3,

Rasah Jaya,

70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

2 thoughts on “Dinner @ Restoran Bubur Manis Zhuan Kee”

  1. First time seeing the papaya with white fungus tong sui.. sounds unique ah. Pork satay.. never try before… next time go back Seremban if got time shd go try. 🙂

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