Dinner @ Canton-i, Sunway Pyramid

Papa suggested to have dinner here. Canton-i; the Hong Kong cuisine – ain’t my first visit. My previous visit; we had some different dishes from this round. I do admit that it has nice ambiance. (simple Chinese style deco with white tables and chairs). Nevertheless; the price are indeed more pricey if you compare the same wanton noodle with those at hawker stalls. Yet during peak hours, its quite crowded too. People here are willing to pay more for better environment and comfort.

Braised Peanuts – RM2/ plate

(I thought this was given free~~~) But it taste nice and the nuts are soft enough.

Jasmine Flower Tea – RM5

3 Combination (Roasted Chicken+Roasted Pork+BBQ Pork) – RM32 (recommended)

Roasted Chicken – Meat are tender and tasty.

BBQ Pork – BBQ to perfection. Nice sauce coated on the lean and juicy pork.

Roasted Pork – Ain’t too fatty…I like it. Meat are tender and most important is the skin are crispy!

Braised Garoupa Belly with Garlic and Pork Belly – RM32

Taste ok but nothing special. Not worth it!

Steamed Egg with Minced Pork – RM13.80

Though it look simple…taste wise is not bad. The steamed egg was very smooth.

Sauteed Scallops with Broccoli – RM32

Nothing special either.

Amaranth(Bayam) with Century Egg & Salted Egg in Superior Soup – RM16.80

The picture on menu looks nicer. I think the ‘tai chaw’ restaurant makes better.

Dried Scallop & Squash Superior Soup – RM28

This soup is tasty & yummy. Boiled with pork ribs and each sliced of squash were stuffed with dried scallop. However it looks alil oily.

Egg Tarts – RM9.60 (recommended)

This is my favorite egg tart. The freshly bake egg tarts with flaky crust and creamy warm egg custard which I adore most.

Double Boiled Hasma with Red Dates – RM12/bowl

I want to look youthful..I want to have flawless skin…So I must eat more….*slurping down my throat*

**I felt the food above not worth it. I much prefer their noodles and congee  is the best!! **


Lot G1.112, G1.113

Ground Floor Blue Atrium

No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15

Bandar Sunway

46150 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603-5636 2888


4 thoughts on “Dinner @ Canton-i, Sunway Pyramid”

    1. Baby Sumo – Y ar? The BBQ pork were dry?
      Yea…their egg tarts are very nice. Even John King Egg tarts from Pavilion there also not so nice as theirs.

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