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Jalan-Jalan & Makan-makan @Petaling Street, KL

How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing well. So sorry for the long overdue post. I actually made this trip end of last year, but didn’t have the time or mood to write. 🙂 On end of December 2019, in conjunction to Christmas… Continue Reading “Jalan-Jalan & Makan-makan @Petaling Street, KL”

Tea Break @Midorie x The Owls Cafe, MyTOWN Shopping Centre KL

I’ve missed out this post. I thought I should blog about this place because I felt there’s something nice to share about this cafe. End of December 2019, we went shopping at MyTOWN Shopping Centre in KL. We also visited IKEA Cheras, connected via… Continue Reading “Tea Break @Midorie x The Owls Cafe, MyTOWN Shopping Centre KL”

Staycation at Dorsett KL Hotel & Hi-Tea at Majestic Hotel KL

2018 marked our 10th Anniversary. A decade old of friendship. We started off as virtual friends through a wedding forum called Malaysia Brides. Back then we were all doing preparations for our wedding. 10 years later we are now busy with our own children.… Continue Reading “Staycation at Dorsett KL Hotel & Hi-Tea at Majestic Hotel KL”

Dim Sum @ Maju Palace Restaurant, Maju Junction Mall

“Dim Sum refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates.” Char Siew Pao and Siew Mai are the common items which people usually order. Often the… Continue Reading “Dim Sum @ Maju Palace Restaurant, Maju Junction Mall”

Dinner @1919 Restaurant & Gallery, KL

Filled my day with outings and food. First half of the day, gathered with my gfs. Then the other half of the day, gathered with UNI friends. Live Life to the Fullest Located in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur, Jamie recommended us to… Continue Reading “Dinner @1919 Restaurant & Gallery, KL”

Lunch @ Tenjin Japanese Cuisine, Grand Millennium KL

Each day I received daily feeds from Everyday, Groupon and much more, sent to our mailbox offering discounts and great deals. I am so spoiled with choices. Especially on food. Nevertheless, to ensure I’m picking on the right choice, I must think wisely before… Continue Reading “Lunch @ Tenjin Japanese Cuisine, Grand Millennium KL”

Brunch @ Kedai Makanan Yut Kee

An initial plan of having brunch here just before we begin our journey to Colmar Tropicale. This place was strongly recommended by Ashley. Ashley got to know about this place from her Boss. See….how the good stuff are passed around. Somehow we got caught… Continue Reading “Brunch @ Kedai Makanan Yut Kee”

Dinner @ Rakuzen, GTower

After meeting the GALS on Saturday at Pavilion ; I head to GTower as Alex’s friends were waiting for us there for dinner. “Somebody” misses Japanese so much therefore we chose Rakuzen at GTower.  I admit that I love Japanese food also. Since we… Continue Reading “Dinner @ Rakuzen, GTower”

Buffet @ The Mill, Grand Millennium KL

With an irresistible deal offered by Everyday (a website that constantly offers great deals) for only RM39.90 we were able to enjoy an international buffet in a 5 Star Hotel. What a steal!! All thanks to Christine whom enlightened us about this deal!! Initially… Continue Reading “Buffet @ The Mill, Grand Millennium KL”

The Cream & Fudge Factory

We do love eating. Especially when it comes to ice creams. Well, who doesn’t? The Cream & Fudge Factory reminds me of COLDSTONE we had it during our trip to Taiwan. Love every single bite of it. Till today, I am still looking for… Continue Reading “The Cream & Fudge Factory”