Food Galore @ Bazaar Ramadhan, Seremban 2

Selamat Hari Raya in around 2 weeks. The Ramadhan month, the Muslims around the world are compulsory to fast a month. Ramadhan is the 9th month according to the Islamic calendar, holiest month in the Islamic calendar. During month of Ramadhan, we can see that most of the restaurants, hotels being competitive in offering their best BUKA PUASA TREAT.

This is the time where the traders busy setting up stalls at Bazaar. Which we called Bazaar Ramadhan. Here, you can find stalls selling varieties of mouth-watering food and drinks for the breaking of fast. These are different from night markets in the sense that these Ramadhan Bazaars sell mostly food and drinks for the breaking of fast. Hence, the bazaars normally will be open daily from 4pm and closes at about 7.15pm (right before the breaking of fast).

Yeah…I know.Its time to put on weight! Add extra kilos please…. ^^

Since 8TV commercial has added some     restriction when you are at Bazaar Ramadhan, therefore I’m obeying it. Imma Chinese girl too…
1) Do not wear revealing clothes.
– See…me no dress sexily huh…(PASSED)
2) Do not be loud or obnoxious.
– I did follow o..I talked soft soft..just like a cat (PASSED)
3) Do be polite and discreet.
– I did say ‘Thank You’. See…pakcik is smiling happily… (PASSED)
4) Do not be greedy.
– Ahh..couldn’t pass. Too many nice food. Can’t resist. (FAILED) 😦
I better be early before it gets crowded here. I went to this bazaar which is just a walking distance from my house, at Garden Homes Seremban 2. Go around 4.30pm will be the best time.
Lets see what I managed to share here. Unfortunately did not manage to cover all types of food. So sorry…..
Grilled Chicken (Ayam Percik) – a popular Malay dish. Chicken were marinated with spicy coconut gravy and cooked traditionally over a charcoal fire. Originated from Kelantan.

Ikan Bakar with sambal
Ikan Bakar berempah
BBQ Chicken Wings selling at RM2.20/ piece
Otak Otak
Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah
Nasi Ayam (Ayam Percik)
Mee Rebus
The economy Fried Mee and Fried Kuey Teow at RM2
Hmmm….interesting Murtabak
Assorted Lauk Pauk
Kebab Ayam & Daging
Cucur Udang at RM3.50 (shrimp fritters served with special chili sauce)
Assorted Kuih Muih
Mini Burger filled with spicy sambal and cucumber. There are many names for this kuih. My mom’s favorite. And she named it ‘BOM’…haha..
Another stall of kuihs
Tepung Pelita – (Double layered rice flour dessert) Traditional Malay kuih. Creamy top (from the coconut milk) and sweet bottom.
Putu Piring – steamed rice cakes filled with gula Melaka(palm sugar) and serves it with grated coconut. (flat shape like a plate)
Putu Piring – steamed rice cakes filled with gula Melaka(palm sugar) and serves it with grated coconut. (cylindrical shape)
Kek Batik & Cempedak Goreng
Freshly made Onde-Onde (made from glutinous rice flour filled with palm sugar and coated with coconut on the outside)
Not forgetting to quench our thirst with these colorful drinks. TOO COLORFUL!
A big packet of drink for RM2.50. Remember to request for ‘kurang manis’!
The fasting month of Ramadan ends when the new moon is sighted (1st of Shawal month) with a Muslim festival known as Aidil Fitri or Hari Raya Puasa.
So, have you visited your nearest Bazaar Ramadhan to enjoy the Food Galore?

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