My 2nd Camera Bag

I like taking photos, but am not a photographer. Its just the passion in me. Therefore at times, I’m carrying a camera bag as frequent as a ladies handbag. To store my one and only precious cam.

Am a proud owner of my CRUMPLER 5 Million Dollar Home. – a very durable camera bag which I first own back at year 2010. Since camera bag has became my regular usage, therefore I want something more fashionable. Where it matches my dressing when I go for any outing.

A net friend suggested me to this online shopping website. (for fashionista photographers). Thanking him, I found what I want!

With an affordable price of RM120, I purchased a nice camera bag, just as what I’m looking for……

The front view.

(Dimension : Length 34 CM x Height 22.5 CM x Width 12.5 CM)

Back View – with wide slip pocket.

Adjustable Strap & Stylish Buckles.

With 2 front pockets, I can store my compact powder, lip balm, a tube of mint lozenge, face tissue and also a cellphone.

Its spacious. Able to fit my 550D and also additional 1 to 2 mid range zoom lens. The thick cotton inner padding is removable too.

How does it look? Not bad huh…..

Interested? Refer to this page—-> FAME CHeRRY :: taste the sweetness

19 thoughts on “My 2nd Camera Bag”

    1. Hello Choi Yen =)

      Hmm … In this picture you can have a look where a body and two lenses have been fitted in

      More photos at

      I use the Sheffield during my shoots too, I put

      550D Body + 50 mm f1.8
      2 x Yn-560 Speed lights ( inside )
      1 x YN-467 Speed light ( inside )
      20 spare batteries in 5 battery cases ( inside )
      1 x Multipurpose Flash Mount ( inside )
      4 x RF-603 Tranceiver
      Behind the pouch I put my Orbis Ringflash

      Plus misc items like keys, hairband to tie model hair, spare camera battery, name card etc etc. Really maxed out =P

  1. nice bag Mel! I also looking for a fashionable bag to keep my super big ass 7D and most of the time I end up carrying a backpack which does not match my outfit!

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