Happy Dumpling Festival

I was feeling excited to come back to my parent’s home today to celebrate Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie). Though I do come home every weekend….though one can still buy dumplings throughout the year, but to eat together with family it feels differently. That’s what I like about Chinese festival. Each festival is celebrated with different types of food! Although rice dumplings have became so commercialize and people has turned it to be something so luxury, yet I still preferred the ordinary ‘bak chang’ with small piece of pork,beans, mushroom, salted duck egg and chestnut nicely tied with a string.

I like to eat my rice dumpling with sambal belacan, made by my mom. It’s really nice. How about you? Do you eat your rice dumpling with any sauce or just as it is?

Yah, mummy did not make any but she bought these rice dumplings at RM3.20 per piece. Quite tasty too. So, how many rice dumplings have you eaten today?
Happy Dumpling Festival to everyone !! πŸ˜‰

17 thoughts on “Happy Dumpling Festival”

    1. Fish – haha…that’s the difference of ‘city’ and ‘town’. RM4.50 for a ‘mini’ zhang…is expensive. I’ll rather go for a bowl of noodle.

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