Big Mouth Burger, New Burger Outlet @Seremban

Big Mouth Burger, the new burger place in Seremban. I’m glad that the burger fever from KL has finally arrived in Seremban. To cater for Seremban folks. *Hepi*

Honestly I couldn’t catch up with the burger fever in KL. Too many choices already. LOL!

I gotto know about Big Mouth Burger via reading Sean’s post Big Mouth Burger @ Bandar Sunway

Thanks to Sean for sharing this new location.

I dropped a message on their Facebook page to inquire about the opening day because I wanted to pay a visit on that weekend, right after reading Sean’s post. hehe…. Got a replied message from them and was happy to know that they’ll open for business on Saturday. So, I decided to go there for dinner on that day itself.

I went there on Saturday night. But the official opening day was on Sunday. The place was quite vacant when I arrived. But later, customers started coming in. Not much though…probably not many people know about their existence yet.

Using construction material such as scaffolding, safety helmets as part of the interior deco.

self service basis just like other fast food joint.

Together with my mom and my brother, we were there to try out their burger. Looking at the menu, looks like there are more beef choices than chicken. Unfortunately we don’t take beef…looks like not much of choice for us. However I was told that, in future they’ll gonna add in more chicken choice into their menu. Well…that’s a good thing πŸ˜‰

Types of sauce for your burger and fries.

Ya…. you do need a ‘Big Mouth’ for their 8 inch size, Big Mouth Burger! πŸ˜€

I chose Bloody Mary (RM15.80) under the Veggie category. Flamed grilled juicy tomato, mushrooms on hash brown finished with cheese. The fries are served together with the burger.

I like their charcoal bun which is soft and fluffy. I also like their hash brown and fries. They are crispy but not dry.

Mom and brother picked Pearl Harbour (RM13.80) – under the Chicken category. Flame grilled juicy old fashion teriyaki patties topped with cheese and sandwich with deep fried onion rings.

Side view of ‘Pearl Harbour’.Β  I like the patty. Its tasty and juicy. The onion rings are addictive too. Nice nibbling stuff.

Verdict : You can also add on cheese or beef bacon to your burger. Soft drinks and hot drinks are priced from RM2.80. I find that their onion rings (RM4.50 for 10pcs) are pretty affordable. Sampling both burgers here, I preferred ‘Pearl Harbour’.

Big Mouth Burger
(same row as Papparich)
No.337, Jalan S2 B8, Seksyen B, Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2
Tel: 06-601-4925
Facebook Page

Remark: This restaurant has relocate to 269, Jalan S2 B8
 Uptown Avenue
 Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban
 Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Thank you.

26 thoughts on “Big Mouth Burger, New Burger Outlet @Seremban”

  1. Did they also have a branch at PJ? I read somewhere said that branch everytime also long Q.

    I hardly eat burger, except Mcd. πŸ˜› but as always, your photos very tempting la!

    1. Mag – Ohh…I noe which one you are referring…nono…this is not the same name as the long Q wan :-p
      Thanks Mag. Haha…McD is still my all time favorite :-p

  2. The burger look yum lor . It seem lots of burger store everywhere .
    Thanks for sharing . At least we know what new in Seremban . Wakakakaaaaa

  3. Awesome! πŸ˜€

    I am a huge fan of burgers and 8″ sounds really good to me. I like Pearl Harbor too – the way they stuck the onion rings inside to make it soooo high is very appealing to me. I want to eat it now!

  4. i now sked of burger jor…there’s too many burger joint in Penang now, not interested to try another one πŸ˜›

    but i think the bloody mary is a little pricey? it’s more expensive than chicken burger? :/

    1. Constance Ant – HAHAHA!! You need a break from burgers lar…
      Ya… that’s what I thought too. So, I asked the person in charge. He said because of that piece of hash brown wor…. Owhh… okays…

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