Lunch @Ichiro Sushi Bar,Isetan Eat Paradise, 1 Utama

Never expect my ‘aunty’ instinct gotten me into a free meal treat by Kc Wong! *laughs*

Ichiro Sushi Bar is located inside Isetan Eat Paradaise @ 1 Utama shopping center. May not be new to many diners. But definitely a new place for me. Kc also highly recommended this place for delicious & fresh Japanese food especially sushi/nigiri prepared by Japanese chefs. (Kc is a regular customer here…kekeke)

The daily specials are written on white papers. Checking out the freshest fish available for the day.

You select and manage your orders via iPad.

*Chef at work…the chefs here are quite friendly too*

The menu is well-organized and user friendly. For more pocket friendly, Ichiro also serves lunch set meals which are available daily including weekends and its value for money!

We sat at the sushi bar. Where you could see how the chef prepare the sushi/ sashimi. We also met a Japanese guy who sat next to us…who is also a regular customer here. He claimed that Ichiro serves fresh and authentic Japanese food & flavors. Ichiro is one of his best choice.

Perhaps…..the photos below are the evidences.

Since Kc is more familiar… so, I’ll let him do the ordering. hehe…

We started with (from bottom to top) Kohada, Gomasaba (wild mackerel), Aji (horse mackerel). The sushi rice is well pressed and not too mushy with well balanced of vinegar.

Ichiro serves freshly grated wasabi. *becareful with the burning sensation* 😀

Sardine – RM9.80

Tuna (crown of the head)RM40

Searobin – RM24.80

(from left to right) Flying Fish – RM20.80, Special Aji (special horse mackerel)RM20.80

Arkshell – RM40; made into nigiri & maki.

Salmon Salad Roll – RM17.80

Foodie will never miss the chance in ‘foodporn’ 😀

What matters most is getting the right angle.

We ended our lunch with sweet stuffs. Desserts for sure! The double scoop ice cream comes with an affordable price tag of RM7 (Yuzu Sorbet); RM6 (Sesame). Its rich in flavors.

Persimmon Sorbet – RM5

10940461_10152796989233171_3946733686413968376_nPersimmon + Sorbet lover will surely love this. Check out the size. Gave me an idea to buy persimmon & freeze it. hehe….

Verdict : Ichiro caters for small group diners due to the limited seats. All the above has its uniqueness and texture. You get good selections of sushi here. Overall satisfaction; fresh & delicious sushi/nigiri!!

Ichiro Sushi Bar @ Isetan Eat Paradise, 1 Utama
2nd Floor, Eat Paradise, Isetan One Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya Tel: 03-7726 5899 Business Hours: 11am – 10pm
Before I end….this is a picture of how to eat sushi. 🙂

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