Taiwan Steamboat at “Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant”

Met up Jeanly at The Gardens on Saturday before attended Chin Hock & Ching Ching’s wedding in Mines Wellness Resort. Initially we thought of having sushi from the restaurant opposite Fong Lye. However failed to do so because we gotto wait for 15 minutes to be seated. Well; since Fong Lye is just opposite it…then I said why not lunching there, moreover Jeanly have not tried it. Its my 2nd time trying their food. Food wise I can still say it has wide range of choice, ambiance wise….don’t really like , macam pasar when its crowded, same goes to the table arrangement for 2. So close to each other…The feeling was like; “can I share your food”??  =_=

After looking through the menu; both of us were undecided on what to order. Jeanly was worrying the big portion of the food served. Therefore; I suggested why not we order a set of taiwan steamboat to share among us. We ordered a plate of fried oyster with egg.

avocado milk (RM10.80)

watermelon milk (RM7.30) – yummy!

the pot of soup for steamboat.

Consists of chunks of yam, cabbages. The soup-base is really tasty.

the ingredients for the steamboat.

special dipping sauce & tong fun

dump everything in for a boil

The steamboat price is at RM29.80.

Taiwan style fried oyster with egg (RM13.80)

The steamboat is good. However the fried oyster with egg is so so. But at least the oysters are not too small & its fresh lor….

FOOD = 4/5




Location: Lot T-208, 3rd Floor

Tel: 03-2282 8699


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