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Buffet Dinner @ Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel

“Dear reader, so sorry that this blog went hibernate for a week. Because the author was busy chasing dateline.”

I visited Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel two weeks ago.

Last 2 months, I managed to grab this good deal from Everyday. It attracts 5000 buyers with the value price of RM46/ person. Applicable for dinner from Friday – Sunday.

Thought it would be a great opportunity to use it during ma birthday.

Though the dinner begins at 6.30pm, I was rather surprised seeing a large number of diners queuing at the entrance of Eyuzu (located at first floor). What’s more surprising was that everyone was holding a printed copy of their coupon! Wonder do Eyuzu still serve quality food though knowing the fact that everyone came with coupons.

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine

Taking after the name of Japan’s rare and expensive fruit of mysterious provenance – /yuzu – /Eyuzu at the Eastin Hotel represents authenticity and exquisiteness. Recently awarded “*Best Asian Cuisines Restaurant*” and “*Best Asian Cuisine Chef*” by the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2005/2006, you will find haute cuisine such as sizzling teppanyaki, sukiyaki, crispy tender tempura and sumptuous sashimi.

My favorite corner. Of sushi & sashimi. They served varieties of fresh handmade sushi & fresh sashimi which I couldn’t resist. Oh ya, they replenish the sashimi pretty quick. So, don’t need to pile up your food till others can’t get their share lor..hehhe…

WOW…check out the fresh sashimi!! Each slice are equally thick. I was told that they served Grade A sashimi. SLURRRPPP….wanting more!

Enjoyed each and every piece of it.

Wide range of Sushi

Wide range of sushi

The prawns were very fresh too

Cold Crabs

Japanese Potato Salad

Cold Tofu

All were place in a small bowl. Look so pleasant and handy!

The crunchy Edamame

Crispy Seaweed, Salmon Skin, Prawn & Crabstick

Unagi was good. Unfortunately the chicken cutlet were quite lousy. Very bland….

Chicken Skewer – not nice. meat too dry.

Teppanyaki Section. Pick your choice of meat and get them to cook for you.

Baked Oyster

Chawan Mushi was awesome. Silky smooth egg with condiments beneath.

Shark Fin Soup – couldn’t find any shark fin though.

Customize your own udon or soba with some condiments. Delicious!

Yeahh…dessert time!

Types of cakes. But they were just average.

Japanese Pancakes were made fresh on the spot. I added honey and chocolate sauce on it. They were small, not too thick and very fluffy. NICE!

Mochi with fillings. (peanut, black sesame, red bean). They are my favorite.

How about some Hot Mochi? They are glutinous ball with fillings boiled in warm water then coated with peanuts. So, its served warm. Unfortunately I think its overcooked. So, it was kinda mushy.

Strawberry & Green Tea Ice Cream

The very laku slices of Melon. The natural sweetness and fragrant which tells me to return for more.

Though there were some not so nice dishes, but with that superb Sashimi I had…I will be happy enough!

EYUZU Japanese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel13 Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+603 – 7665 1111

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 12.00pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm


Dinner@Garden Café & Lifestyle Store

Returned from Genting Holiday on Saturday. Dropped by Damansara area, went to IKANO and did some household shopping at IKEA.


Since IKANO is just opposite The Curve, we decided to walk to The Curve to fill our stomach. As I know; The Curve is flooded with restaurants & cafes. There are alot of choices for you to pick. Just mention one. As in western, Chinese, Fusion, Malay, Thai, etc…


Mi Ni Mi Ni My Ni Mo….which should I pick? Walked passed a few…

I picked Garden Café & Lifestyle Store since it look nice & decent! It was still early…therefore the restaurant is quite empty. You may choose to sit at the open-air area or the air-conditioned room. We chose to be in the aircond…

The weather was HOT ler….. Otherwise the open-air area is nicer.


The main entrance….the feel of Nature


Nice deco…green & white theme




The Interior. Kinda reminds me of FULLHOUSE Cafe. The concept is quite similar.


Using my mom as model  ^^


For the Menu list, please refer here—> MENU


Chef’s Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup – RM 9.90

Three types of mushroom with chicken broth. The soup is very creamy & you can actually eat the minced mushrooms.


Deep Fried BBQ Glazed Wings – RM 11.90

The taste of these chicken wings is SO SO only.


Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop – RM 17.90

Grilled chicken chop served with black pepper sauce & sauteed french bean. (recommended)


Chicken Teriyaki


Spaghetti Marinara – RM 17.90

Spaghetti served with prawns, clams, half shell mussels, fresh tomato and basil sauce. (recommended)


There’s another outlet located at One Utama.


FOOD : 3.5/5

PRICE : 3.5/5



Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe
Lot No. G41, Ground Floor,

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 7724 2469

REUNION @ Tasty Pot BBQ & Steamboat Buffet

A very first reunion we had ever since our trip to Taiwan. Really missing every moment we had in Taiwan. Therefore we decided to held a so-called reunion at Tasty Pot BBQ & Steamboat located at Sunway; where we can eat non-stop, while talks and laughs like nobody’s business is permissible too.  😀

Wanyi enlightened us that we gotto be early there in order to get a good seat & food!  So; Andrew picked all the 3 babes (Ashley, Wanyi & Mel) from Midvalley at about 5.45pm and reached there at about 6+pm. Since it was still early, we able to pick up all the newly displayed food!

Its a 4-Storey building. You may either sit at ground floor or the upper floors. I would prefer to sit at the open air area on ground floor.

An array of seafood


Assorted Vegetable & Dried Noodles





Huge Crabs & LaLa (Clams)


No doubt the crabs are huge. Unfortunately most of them we had were not fresh. Too bad….


Shishamo from the grilling corner.

The Grilling Corner comprised of crab, fish, sweet potato, prawns.


Ikan Bakar from the Grilling Corner & Fried Chicken Wings coated with honey from the Cooked Area. The fish aren’t that tasty. But you mustn’t miss the chicken wings. Its the best one overall (my personal opinion).


Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce.

Please ensure that you grab this fast. Or else you will end up in a long queue.


The dipping sauce


We ordered the yin yong pot with 2 different soup. We chose ‘herbal soup’ & ‘tom yam soup’. The tom yum soup is GOOD!


The boiling pot


Self-scooped Ice Cream


Ashley, Andrew, Wanyi, Yew Kong


Price : RM26.80/ person (exclude drinks)

Food : 2.5/5

Ambiance : 3/5



Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Restaurant (PORK FREE)
9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03 5630 1282
Business Hours: 12pm to 1am Daily

Mel, Jessie, WC @ MADAM KWAN’s

Finally I managed to make an arrangement with an agreement from both Jessie & Wei Chi. Apparently; this round goes without Yee Mei again. She couldn’t join. *sigh*. The 4 of us really difficult to meet. However no matter how difficult it is; we will try to make an effort to meet. Normally it will be in Seremban. But this round, we held it at Midvalley. No doubt it just few hours and a simple lunch; it worth more than that.


Wei Chi and I; we both lazy to think of what to eat, so we just divert the brain cracking to Jessie (the decision maker) to decide then. Wahaha….


Therefore we went to Madam Kwan’s for our lunch. We were there about 12+pm; I would consider that as early. Otherwise we gotto wait to be seated.

The atmosphere was good. They serves fusion food. More on hawker, Nyonya cuisine. Nevertheless they do serves western food too.



Nasi Bojari (RM19++) — Tri-coloured rice with assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick(ayam goreng berempah). The drumstick was large & tasty too. Besides that, If you do not take beef, you can always change it for chicken.


Nasi Lemak (RM14.20) — Their signature food. Aromatic coconut steamed rice served with chicken curry, sambal ikan bilis, dried shrimp floss, hard boiled egg, acar and fresh cucumber.


Assam Laksa (RM12.30) — Lai fun served in aromatic tamarind broth with fish, cucumber and onions. I personally like this very much. The soup is sourish & lil spicy with rich minced fish. Very appetizing!


Our Drinks. All from the Lemon & Lime family. Wahahah….


Before the meal; some photoshots perhaps?

WC & Mel


WC & Jessie


Mel & Jessie


Food : 3.5/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Price : 3.5/5


Madam Kwan’s Restaurant
F-052, First Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City

Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur 

Tel No: 03 – 2297 2297

Taiwan Steamboat at “Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant”

Met up Jeanly at The Gardens on Saturday before attended Chin Hock & Ching Ching’s wedding in Mines Wellness Resort. Initially we thought of having sushi from the restaurant opposite Fong Lye. However failed to do so because we gotto wait for 15 minutes to be seated. Well; since Fong Lye is just opposite it…then I said why not lunching there, moreover Jeanly have not tried it. Its my 2nd time trying their food. Food wise I can still say it has wide range of choice, ambiance wise….don’t really like , macam pasar when its crowded, same goes to the table arrangement for 2. So close to each other…The feeling was like; “can I share your food”??  =_=

After looking through the menu; both of us were undecided on what to order. Jeanly was worrying the big portion of the food served. Therefore; I suggested why not we order a set of taiwan steamboat to share among us. We ordered a plate of fried oyster with egg.

avocado milk (RM10.80)

watermelon milk (RM7.30) – yummy!

the pot of soup for steamboat.

Consists of chunks of yam, cabbages. The soup-base is really tasty.

the ingredients for the steamboat.

special dipping sauce & tong fun

dump everything in for a boil

The steamboat price is at RM29.80.

Taiwan style fried oyster with egg (RM13.80)

The steamboat is good. However the fried oyster with egg is so so. But at least the oysters are not too small & its fresh lor….

FOOD = 4/5




Location: Lot T-208, 3rd Floor

Tel: 03-2282 8699


Mel’s birthday – Part 2

Hubby celebrated my birthday over the passed weekend.

Initially we thought of dining at “Chili’s”. However I changed my mind few days ago. Thought of trying something new instead. Since I know there are plenty of new food or restaurant which I’ve not tried before. Despite of trying something new, I do not want it to be too pricey though. I asked my friend, asked Ashley for suggestion. She suggested Chinoz. Well, since it has good reviews from some food blogger too…Therefore I told Alex, the changed of plan. Alex answered; up to u….’lei wa si…lei tai sai today’ ~  (u decide, u are the host today) :-p

the sauces

Alex’s orange juice – RM13

My Mango Fizz – RM12

complimentary toast bread

crispy potato wedges – RM9

Fish & Chip – RM28

(the fish meat is very yummy)

Grill Chicken with brown sauce – RM25

I like the fries very much though!

CHURROS – RM20 (with hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce)

I seriously miss this dessert very very much. I have no idea what’s its made of. Its like a soft dough, like soft donuts texture, warm, top with cinnamon powder & sugar. Dip into the chocolate sauce when its warm. VOILA~~~

when I looked up; I noticed this beautiful high ceiling right above me.

Mel cam-whoring….

NOTE: Nice ambiance, cozy, quiet. Food are nice. Price is above average.

Food portion size is average.

chinoz @ THE GARDENS (no longer available here. pls head to KLCC outlet)
G212, Ground Floor
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2287 8277

CANTON-I of Sunway Pyramid

We were at Sunway Pyramid on Sunday for a family weekend shopping spree.

Then, we decided to have our lunch in CANTON-I because I misses their porridge very much! CANTON-I serves Hong Kong cuisines. (Of course its not so pure as in Hong Kong lorr..). We ordered individual meal instead of set. Upon ordering each of us punya food….the captain whom took down our order kept insist us to order the ‘roast goose’. Therefore we ordered for quarter size. And its not cheap ler….quarter size already RM48, if request for thigh side additional of RM8.  @_@ Moreover she kept insist us to get half bird.(which will be RM88)

when it comes to Chinese cuisine; a pair of chopstick is a must.

a kiddy bowl & a set of culinary for Vernice

Vernice feeding grandma even before the food arrive :-p

sea coconut + longan drink

from left:  cham, lemon tea, milk tea

fried carrot cake (lo pak kou) – NICE

signature egg tarts – freshly bake & yummy!

char siew rice (bbq pork rice)

5 combination rice (roast pork, roast chicken, braised egg, braised beancurd, sausage) – this is good!

century egg with shredded meat porridge – my favorite!!

the porridge is very smooth.

this is the roast goose that I mentioned above. Taste OK. The skin is crispy.

sis enjoying the meal

mum enjoyed her meal too….while brother is duno talking to whom =p

Mel had a satisfying meal too….with a big damaged on the wallet 😦

Vernice with both grandma & grandpa  😉

Everyone was so kenyang. Shopped in the mall to sort of exercise after the meal ^_^


Sunway Pyramid

G1.112, G1.113

Ground Floor Blue Atrium

No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15

Bandar Sunway

46150 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603-5636 2888



Before our house hunting in USJ on Sunday; I’ve managed to pujuk Alex to bring me to FULLHOUSE for lunch. The full name of it; is Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe. I’ve kept receiving comments like; the place is very nice, good ambiance, you can take alot of nice photos, price is fair, food is good too! How could you resist when you received so many good feedbacks on this place. There are a few branch in KL. The one I went is located in Sunway Pyramid. Kinda small. I was told that the one located in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is much nicer. Better ambiance.


browse through the lovely menu.

The menu is so cute. Really look like a children’s story book. We picked the set lunch. Comes in a set which includes a main dish, a mushroom soup, a glass of ice lemon tea & 1 small dessert.

the ice lemon tea. so big glass!!

the creamy mushroom soup. with some almond flakes sprinkled on it.

Alex enjoying the creamy mushroom soup

Alex’s choice. Chicken Ham & Mushroom Spaghetti. – yummy!!

Mel’s choice. Grilled chicken thighs in black pepper sauce.

The mashed potato is very smooth & nice. While the chicken meat is tender, goes well with the thick black pepper sauce.

the dessert. mini size cakes. fluffy….

Mel’s additional order. THE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE.

Comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Too bad the ice cream melts so fast.

A MUST HAVE DESSERT!! You can taste the rich chocolate & walnuts on every bite.

Most important that its not too dry & hard.

check out the thick layer of chocolate  & rich walnuts.

Our total bill came up to be RM48

Took some photos before & after the meal.

frames hung on the wall. neatly done.

this part is so sweet & romantic

nice lighting

nice rocking horse.

this shoes is nice & cute hor…. got their brand name on it summore. you may purchase it over there.

checking out their goods

the waitress with cute uniform

pose with the car before leaving

this car is placed at the entrance

FOOD = 4 / 5


PRICE = FAIR (the set lunch is worth eating)


Sunway Pyramid,

Lot LG 1.96, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,

46150 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 603-5621 9960

Hokkien Mee at ‘Restoran Mei Yen’

Sent my brother back to his college on Sunday.

We decided to have our dinner near Taman Paramount. Dad told us there’s a popular & nice hokkien mee in that area. Therefore we decided to try, since mom loves hokkien mee alot. But because hokkien mee is very high in cholesterol; she seldom takes it now.

It was around 7pm. The restaurant was about 3/4 occupied with customers. Besides hokkien mee, there’s also ‘loh mee’, khau yuk mee hoon, wat tan hor, stir fry vege, LALAs, and Ohh Chien. By 8pm; more and more customers come in…and FULLed by then.

We ordered hokkien mee, khau yuk mee hoon, yau mak, Ohh Chien(oyster) & siong tong LaLa (LaLa in soup).

hokkien mee’s best companion. SAMBAL BELACAN… must have!

hokkien mee for 2 eaters

yum yum…. the noodles is wet enough & tasty. what’s inside? lard, sotong & choy sum

However Alex & Mom prefers the one from “Petaling Street”. Probably they prefered it to be dryer I guess. :-p

‘khau yuk mee hoon’…I like this very much actually. Its very tasty & not too dry.

yau mak

‘siong tong LALA’ (LALA in soup).

I like this soup very much too! Its best served on rainy days. The soup is warm, a lil taste of white wine, minced ginger & sprinkles of coriander leaves. Nevertheless, the clams size are acceptable too….aren’t those tiny little ones~~~

“Ohh Chien” (fried oysters in egg)

This is nice though. At least you can find the oysters easily….Don’t need to do any treasure hunt on it…You get what I meant? Moreover its not starchy. This plate cost RM8.

check out the oyster.

FOOD = 4.5 / 5




39 Jalan 20/7 Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: Daily, 7pm-2am. Closed twice a month
Phone: 019-229 8566 (call after noon)


delicious korea food in food garden

I have discovered a delicious Korea food in FOOD GARDEN. Food Garden is a food court located in T-216A , 3rd Floor of The Gardens Mall. The business runs by a Korean family. So, I would consider the food is quite pure though. Despite of the affordable price; the food is very satisfying too. **STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BY Mel**

Photos here are the set of Bebimbap. (comes together with a ‘kimchi chigae’, kimchi, potato). For the price of RM19.90 + 5% government tax.

Besides these; the Chicken BBQ Set is nice as well!

set of Bebimbap. (comes together with a ‘kimchi chigae’, kimchi, potato)

kimchi chigae (kimchi soup)

closer view of bebimbap

this is the stall I’m referring to