Lunch at “Silver Dragon Restaurant”

There’s a restaurant newly opened near my house; located at City Park Seremban 2. Therefore I suggested to dad to try the food there. Moreover its on Sunday; it would be more like a family day.


To my surprise; the interior of the restaurant is quite nice and the design is rather modern too.


I like this stairs. It would be nice if a bride would to pose while walking up/ down the stairs ^^


the dining hall




tit bits


tofu in garlic sauce with fresh scallop – RM20


These tofu cooked this style is quite nice. Smooth beancurd with strong garlic taste.

Tung Poh Yuk (Braised Fatty Pork Belly with Soy Sauce) along with Mantau(bun) RM25


These half fat half lean meat(pork) taste so-so only. The gravy is so nice.


Claypot Prawns in Coconut Juice – RM40


The prawns is very fresh. Somehow the taste is so-so only.


Dwarf Pak Choi/ Nai Pak cooked with yam & crispy cuttlefish – RM20


My first time to eat this kind of cooking method. Hmm….quite special though. Most important is the vege is fresh.


Siong Tong Yin Choi “上汤皮蛋硯菜” – RM15


Its spinach in savory soup with century eggs.


Steam “Hoi Pan” (type of grouper fish) – RM143 (RM100/kg)


Shanghai Pancake – RM8


The skin is not crispy enough & the filling is too little.


Fa Sang Wu(花生糊) – Peanut Paste Tong Sui – RM5/bowl



Ambiance : 5/5

Food : 2.5/5

Price : 3/5

Address :




TEL : 012-6741910, 016-3236148, 012-6767913



3 thoughts on “Lunch at “Silver Dragon Restaurant””

  1. I used to go to this restaurant when back to Seremban 2 together with mum. 🙂 Since we live so near, maybe one day we can meet up? If possible you can email me.

  2. hi Melissa,
    Thanks for sharing ur experience and some prices. I am thinking of organising a wedding reception and this was one of the places i did view. Would be nice if u r able to get in touch maybe i can use some of your advice and views.

    1. Hi Ganesh.
      First of all, Congrats to you.
      This venue is quite nice & new. Regarding about the food & prices…I may be unsure. Because since 2011 till now 2015, I’m pretty sure they’ve revised the price.

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